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Server Racks – Racking

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Whether you need an open frame, 2-Post, 4-Post rack or server cabinet, ISC has a solution for you.

ISC defines network server racks (without doors or side panels) and server cabinets (with doors and side panels) as racking made for deep hot running servers. These type servers normally require cage nut rack rails that have square holes. 

ISC defines a computer rack (without doors or side panels) and computer cabinet (with doors and side panels). These are most often used for rack mount hardware that is not as deep and does not have the high run temperature as network servers. AV media is often mounted in these. They usually have 10/32 tapped rack rails. If there is any confusion as to what is the best type of computer enclosure or rack to get, please call 800-458-6255 and one of our Account Managers will happy to help.

Our 4-Post open frame racks include cabinet only frames and hybrids that have four vertical rack rails that change depth. Most of these type racks do not have side panels or doors and are a crossbreed designed to cost less than an enclosure. 

Our 2-Post Relay Racks are available in both aluminum and steel for 19” and 23” EIA standards. ISC offers many more versions than we show. If you don’t see what you need, please call us for more information. 

Regardless of the type of rack or enclosure, the usable height is normally referred to as one or more of the following abbreviations or words: U, RU, Rack Unit, Rack Space Space, Unit. The most common is ""U"" but all of the

terms refer to the height of the rackmount item being mounted which is 1.75"". Thus 1U = 1.75"", 2U = 3.5"".

If you need custom made to order product, please let us know. Our design engineers are ready to work with you.