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Server Racks – Racking

ISC offers a wide range of server rack solutions, including 2-Post, 4-Post racks, and computer server cabinets. Choosing the right enclosure or racking is crucial for hardware application, location, and accessibility. With our affordable options, you can find the perfect 2-Post, 4-Post server racks, or cabinets for your computer network. Explore our extensive selection of standard and custom options to meet your needs.

Many organizations choose from the many options of server racks for computer networks from Information Support Concepts to keep them safe. ISC customer service can assist in selecting the best options for your applications. Incorporating the correct racking will contribute to a longer hardware lifespan. It will also provide for an efficient organization and user access.

Easily select a standard-size server rack cabinet or 2-post rack by clicking on the appropriate picture or using the filter on the left column. ISC offers several options of cabinets from 8U to 52U with usable depths of 24” to 45” deep. For convenience, we have used the following categories: Network Data Center Cabinets, Nema 12 Dust Tight, 3U Small, Seismic Zone 4, 2-Post, 4-Post, and AV (Audio Visual). All enclosures and open frames accept standard 19" rack mount hardware or shelves that can be easily mounted.

Please note that the 2-Post Relay Rack collection is available in aluminum and steel for 19” and 23” EIA standards. The open-frame 4-post rack is offered in two varieties: cabinet-only frames and hybrids with four adjustable-depth vertical rack rails. These types of server racks are hybrids and less expensive.

If you are looking for a cabinet for the first time, notice that sizes are designated with a “U” size. The U is a measure of height and equals 1.75”. Hardware and shelves also show a U size. Using this designation makes it easier to work with by avoiding fractions.

Should you have applications for custom racks or cabinets, ISC will work with you. We can provide customs from a quantity of one to truck loads. To discuss your application in detail, call ISC customer service at 800-458-6255 or email