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Active Shooter Defense

If you've ever experienced the frustration and panic of a power cord vibrating loose or being accidentally pulled out, you understand the consequences of a server going down. To avoid this scenario, many technicians have turned to wire retainers that require screws or glue to mount, resulting in extra time and frustration when the plugs need to be removed. However, there is now a simpler and more efficient solution available: the Auto-Lock™ locking power cord.

The Auto-Lock™ is an internal retention mechanism that hooks to the pins of power supply inlets and resists any axial force unless the lock mechanism is manually released. This innovative device requires no extra tools, screws, or retainers, and even the most tremendous amounts of force cannot dislodge the electrical connector. Once the IEC locking mechanism is deactivated, the connector easily slips out of the inlet.

The unique patented locking mechanism on the connector side of the Auto-Lock™ makes fastening and unlocking cords a breeze. After inserting the connector end into your device, it is safely secure, and pulling on the cord won't cause it to disconnect. When it's time to remove the cord, simply pull simultaneously on the red sliding tabs, and it pulls out like a standard plug.

Auto-Lock™ cords are available in Straight, Angled, LED Lighted, and Hospital Grade, with a catalog that showcases a wide range of connector ends and wire gauges. If you don't see the cord you need, our Account Managers are ready to help you find a custom size or connector variation. Simply call 800-458-6255, and we will work with you to ensure that you get the right product for your needs.

In conclusion, the Auto-Lock™ is a simple yet innovative solution to the problem of power cords vibrating loose or being accidentally pulled out. It requires no extra tools or retainers, and its patented locking mechanism ensures that cords remain securely fastened until you're ready to remove them. So why wait? Try Auto-Lock™ today and experience a new level of safety and efficiency.