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Rack Mount Shelf

A rack shelf allows you to put non rack mount hardware in a server rack in conjunction with rack-mounted equipment. In addition to offering extra space for equipment, a server rack shelf keeps your rack considerably more orderly, which makes maintaining equipment much simpler. To meet a wide range of demands, Rack Mount Shelves are available in different sizes and configurations.

ISC is a leading 19”rack mount shelf online store in the USA. Our product solutions are available in both aluminum and steel. These rack shelves mount in server cabinets, AV enclosures, and open frame racks such as 4-Post and 2-Post. Based on the application, you can find both solid or vented 4-Post and 2-Post shelves. Customers have a variety of options in front of them, from a single side and center mount to slide-out and keyboard mouse shelves. If you are unable to find a product variation for your requirements, ISC also provides custom product solutions.