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Ergonomically Designed For User Flexibility While Working With Today’s Electronic Devices 

Ergonomist point out the importance of workstation adjustability that can relieve body stress with computer furniture. The use of multiple electronic devices such as desk top computers, laptops, tablets and other portable devices has created the need for computer furniture that is adaptable to the way we use it.

Due to classrooms space, multiple users and the need for using various electronic media, training tables should also be multi-functional, adjustable and mobile with the ability to handle power and data connections.

The following is a check list to consider when selecting an computer table:

  1. Tilt your monitor so the center of the screen is at about shoulder height
  2. Place your keyboard where your elbows will relax at a 90 degree angle
  3. Forearms and hands should be parallel to the floor

ISC is constantly updating the computer table offerings to satisfy these ever changing requirements. We have selected the tables shown on this catalog with ergonomics, affordability and quality in mind.