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Server Racks, 2-Post / 4-Post, LAN Racks, Computer tables, Classroom Security For IT Networks And Schools.

ISC markets products world-wide from our home office in Arlington Texas. ISC product categories along with definitions are provided below.

Server Racks
Server racks and cabinets are referred to by many names. While the words seem to change constantly, other references are computer cabinet, computer enclosure, rackmount cabinet, rackmount enclosures, rack cabinet, 19″ EIA cabinet, 23″ EIA cabinet, and electronic cabinet. ISC uses many of these terms on multiple pages. ISC is using a mix of these names as reference words on multiple pages. These type racks allow a standard method of mounting computer hardware on vertical rack rails that can be tapped (threaded) or square hole. Regardless of the name, they are most often made for 19″ EIA rackmount servers and hardware. 23″ EIA and 24″ EIA are a universal standard but are not as popular as 19″. ISC can assist you in selecting the correct racking for all your rack mount hardware.

This is a  generic term for mounting hardware vertically in a rack or cabinet. Rackmount solutions for a cabinet or rack can be shelves such as fixed or sliding. This is a generally accepted solution to mount hardware such as a servers, PDU’s, KVM switch, uninterrupted power supply (ups), keyboard, monitor or other components. The ability to put many different varieties of hardware and components in a standard cabinet or rack allows you to take advantage of vertical space thus saving floor space. ISC uses both spelling versions of rackmount and rack mount to reach as many searches as possible. While it can be confusing to some, we hope that the added benefit of the search makes it a wise choice.

LAN Rack / Technical Furniture
Whatever LAN rack style a customer prefers, ISC can furnish it. Many in the facility departments of large corporations are now referring to LAN racks as LAN furniture and technical furniture. These racks are an excellent choice when you have free standing hardware or used in combination with rackmount hardware, that requires it to be managed in a small footprint. Other uses are electronic assembly and computer repair stations.

2-Post Rack / Relay Rack
2-Post Rack, Relay rack and telecom rack terms used for the same basic rack. There are many variations to these products; ISC is using the terms 2-Post Rack and Relay Rack as the key phrase and telecom rack as the second. These type racks are normally used when the rack mount hardware only needs to be mounted to one set of rack rails. A common application for them is to mount patch panels, servers and UPS power devices. Some installations may require multiple isles and hundreds of racks to hold thousands of rackmount patch panels for the massive amount of communications of the company.

These type racks are also used to facilitate small servers, switches and other shallow depth hardware. as well. Traditionally, these have been made of aluminum and had tapped holes for 12/24 threads. Now there is a choice of aluminum or steel racks. While the aluminum racks are normally 12/24 threads many of the steel relay racks and telecom racks are tapped for 10/32 threads. Some of the other variations of these type racks are equal flange rack and unequal flange racks. These are normally welded and have a base that cable can run through. ISC customer service can help advise the best for your application.

4-Post Racks
4-Post racks are designed to be a cost effective solution for racking deep hardware that requires mounting the front and rear of the hardware to rack rails. There are two basic styles as follows: 1. A typical server cabinet without doors, tops or side panels. 2. A hybrid rack that has 4-rack rails but does not allow for doors or side panels to be added on. The hybrid is the most cost effective solution.

Wall Mount Cabinet / Open Frame
There are many applications for rack mount hardware that do not fit the typical 2-post rack or server rack cabinet solutions due to location and space requirements. Many times the best racking solutions are wall racks or cabinets. They are available many sizes to fit very tight spaces. They can be made to fit in awkward spaces in closets and can accommodate very small hardware to reasonably deep hardware. ISC offers selections for enclosed wall mount cabinets and open frame racks.

Rackmount Keyboard
Space optimization is a major concern of corporations. The rackmount keyboard is on suspension arms that allows you to pull it out when you want to use it and push back out of the way when not in use.

Classroom Computer Table, Ergonomic
ISC offers a full line of ergonomic computer tables for business and school classroom applications. ISC offers several different colors and accessories styles that will fit most any application you have. Accessories include an attached cpu holder, roll-out keyboard and a pivot door cable bay. The cable bay is designed to prevent students from accessing the network cables or accidentally pulling cables with their feet and allow network technicians easy access to the cable when needed.

Justin Kase Classroom Security For Active Shooter Events
Every second counts when an active shooter event happens. Justin Kase products allow classroom doors to be locked even if the shooter disables the door lock. Quick and easy activation for extra safety.