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Payment Terms:

Credit Card at time of order or, Net 20 Days with approved credit.

Shipping Terms:

ISC ships FOB Origin unless other arrangements have been made. Freight is prepaid and added to your invoice. This means you own the product while it is in transit. Should there be any damage claims, you or an authorized individual representing the buyer must file against the shipping company. Any claims due will be paid directly to you or your company by the shipping company. ISC can not file a claim for you because we are not at your location to receive and inspect the product for you.

To keep your freight cost as low as possible, ISC does not show freight as a line item on our Online Shopping Cart. If we were to show freight at the time of the order, we would have to average the highest cost available to your area normally resulting in a higher freight cost to you. If you desire a freight quote before you order, please call 800-458-6255 and we will be happy to provide a quote for you.

Damage Claims:

The shipping company is responsible for your product arriving without damage during transit between the factory and your location. It is your responsibility to inspect all product for damage before the carrier leaves. When you sign the shipper’s paperwork stating that you received the product, you are also stating that it was received without damage.

Should you receive product that is damaged, state on the shipper’s paperwork that the product was “Damaged in Transit” and a description of the damage. You have the choice to keep the product and file a damage claim with the shipper or refuse to receive it. Should you elect to keep the damaged product, you must notify the shipper within 10 days of receiving it. We advise that you file a claim immediately rather than waiting.

In some instances, the packaging does not show any damage but the product has dents or scratches when the packaging is removed. This is considered “Concealed Damage”. You have 10 days from the date of delivery to notify the shipper. We advise that you file a claim immediately rather than waiting.

It is imperative that you keep all packaging material when making any claim against the shipper. We advise that you also take digital photos of the damaged product and packaging to incorporate with your claim. We suggest that you also email ISC pictures of any damage so we can evaluate them and provide assistance to you should you have questions in filing your claim.

Please note that the final settlement of the claim is between you and the shipping company. ISC will invoice you for the original shipment, the one you are filing a claim on, as well as the replacement product, should you want a replacement.