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General Rackmount Server Rack And Computer Cabinet Information

Please note that due to the different ways of spelling rack mount, we are using the common variations used by our customers.

These cabinets and racks are normally used for deep hot running servers (made by major server manufactures such as Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and Sun ) that require steady airflow for proper cooling. Typically these racks and enclosures are deeper than conventional rack mount computer cabinets. Our standard server enclosure "U" or rack space ranges from 3U to 44U with a depth up to 42". We refer to a server rack as a rack-mount frame without doors or side panels. When these racks are fitted with vented doors and side panels we refer to it as a server cabinet. Another characteristic these enclosures have is square hole rackrails rather than threaded rails. In most cases, an M6 rack screw will be used with a cage nut. This allows rail compatibility for the various manufactures. We have rackmount solutions for whatever application you may have.

Computer Cabinets, Computer Racks:

ISC defines computer cabinets as a more traditional rack mount enclosure that is designed for hardware that runs cooler and is not as deep as a rack mount server enclosure rack. Many times the doors and side panels on a rack-mount computer cabinet are not vented or perforated because the heat build up is not as severe as for the deep hot running servers used in server racks. We would define a rack mount computer rack as a cabinet without the doors and side panels. Many centers will put in rows of computer racks that can be ganged together and put on doors or sides panels where necessary. In most cases computer cabinets and computer racks have tapped 10/32 holes in the rackrails which is not compatible for most of today's blade type servers. ISC also supplies several 10/32 rack screw options. The rack space or "U" for our standard computer cabinet and computer rack options range from 8U to 44U.

ISC also offers rackmount solutions for most any application you may have. Some of the rack mount accessories ISC supplies are: TFT LCD Monitor Keyboard Drawer, Cases, Power Distribution Unit, UPS, KVM Switch, Relay Rack, Thermo Fan Control, Wall Mount Rack, Rack Screw and Shelf options. If you have any questions, please call 800-458-6255 and we will be happy to assist you.

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