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Server Rack, Rackmount Accessory Products, LAN Rack And Computer Tables For IT Network And Telecom Applications.

By: Kevin D. Hunt

ISC markets products world-wide from our home office in Mansfield Texas. ISC product categories along with definitions are provided below.

Server Rack

Many terms are used when referring to a server rack, computer rack and server cabinet. While the words seem to change constantly, other references are computer cabinet, computer enclosure, rackmount cabinet, rackmount enclosures, rack cabinet, 19″ EIA cabinet, 23″ EIA cabinet, and electronic cabinet. ISC uses many of these terms on multiple pages. ISC is using server rack, server cabinet, and computer rack as main reference words. These type racks allow a standard method of mounting computer hardware on vertical rack rails that can be tapped (threaded) or square hole. Regardless of the name, they are most often made for 19″ EIA rackmount servers and hardware. 23″ EIA and 24″ EIA are a universal standard but are not as popular as 19″.


A generic term for rackmounting hardware is rackmount. Rackmount solutions for a cabinet or rack can be rackmount shelves such as a fixed or sliding shelf. Rack mounting is a generally accepted solution to mount hardware such as a power strip, KVM switch, uninterrupted power supply (ups), keyboard, monitor or other rackmount components. The ability to put many different varieties of hardware and components in a standard cabinet or rack allows you to take advantage of vertical space thus saving floor space.

ISC uses both spelling versions of rackmount and rack mount to reach as many searches as possible. While it can be confusing to some, we hope that the added benefit of the search makes it a wise choice.

LAN Rack / Technical Furniture

Whatever LAN rack style a customer prefers, ISC can furnish it. Many in the facility departments of large corporations are now referring to LAN racks as LAN furniture and technical furniture. These racks are an excellent choice when you have free standing hardware or used in combination with rackmount hardware, that requires it to be managed in a small footprint. Other uses are electronic assembly and computer repair stations.

2-Post Rack / Relay Rack

2-Post Rack, Relay rack and telecom rack terms used for the same basic rack. There are so many variations to these products; ISC is using the terms 2-Post Rack and Relay Rack as the key phrase and telecom rack as the second. These type racks are normally used when the rack mount hardware only needs to be mounted to one set of rack rails. A common application for them is to mount rack mount patch panels, servers and UPS power devices. Some installations may require rows upon rows to hold thousands of rackmount patch panels for the massive amount of communications of the company.

2-Post racks are used to rack mount hundreds or thousands of servers as well. As servers have become deeper and require less rack units of space, many customers have switched to a four post relay rack or server rack. Traditionally, these were made of aluminum and had tapped holes for 12/24 threads. Now there is a choice of aluminum or steel racks. While the aluminum racks are normally 12/24 threads many of the steel relay racks and telecom racks are tapped for 10/32 threads. Some of the other variations of these type racks are equal flange rack and unequal flange racks. These are normally welded and have a base that cable can run through. ISC customer service can help advise the best for your application.

Wallmount Rack

There are many applications for rack mount hardware that do not fit the typical 2-post rack or server rack cabinet solutions due to location and space requirements. Many times the best rackmount solutions are rack mount wall racks. These wallmount racks come in many sizes to fit very tight spaces. They can be made to fit in awkward spaces in closets and can accommodate very small rack mount hardware to reasonably deep rackmount hardware.

The height of these type units can range from 1U to 40U. Some refer to the many variations as a wallmount cabinet, sideways panels mount, pivoting panel mount, unibracket, hinged panel mount, horizontal distribution rack, low profile wall cabinet, wall mount relay rack.

ISC uses both spelling versions of wall mount and wallmount to reach as many searches as possible. While it can be confusing to some, we hope that the added benefit of the search makes it a wise choice.

Rackmount Keyboard

Space optimization is a major concern of corporations. The rackmount solutions provided by the standard 19″ rack mount server rack has helped tremendously with organization and the utilization of vertical space for rack mount hardware. Depending on the application, users are installing 17″ and 19\94 monitors along with keyboards. While a 19″ rack mount server rack can contain a stand alone monitor, they use a lot of vertical space. Also, most keyboards are wider than the opening between the rack rails making the keyboard awkward to use.

A solution for the vertical monitor space problem and keyboard width problem is a rackmount keyboard with TFT monitor. These units can be installed in 1U (1.75″) of space rather than 17\94 to 20″ of vertical space making the server rack much more space efficient. The keyboard is similar to a notebook keyboard and is available with a trackball or touch pad. In addition to the space saving, the TFT LCD monitor allows a clear view from angles rather than having to look at it straight on.

Rackmount keyboard TFT LCD monitors also have the option of having a KVM switch built in. In 1U (1.75″) a user can manage 8 servers with 1 keyboard TFT LCD monitor. In addition, they can have a built in KVM switch. The space saving and ease of use makes them one of the best rackmount solutions available.

KVM Switch

When a rackmount keyboard TFT LCD monitor with KVM switch is not the preferred rackmount solution, ISC has several choices. Stand alone and rackmount KVM switches are now smaller and contain more features than ever before. As mentioned above, KVM switches are used when 1-keyboard and 1-monitor control 2 or more servers. ISC offers users a large selection of switches including Internet IP that allows secure remote access to servers.

This is a hardware solution for what has been traditionally a software solution. Users have complained that software solutions for remote server access have a tendency to crash. When this happens, software does not allow a user to re-boot. The hardware solution KVM over Internet IP allows users to re-boot the hardware, access the BIOS and have full keyboard control as if they are on location. Standard choices include USB / PS2 connections and feature OSD. On screen display (OSD) provides an easy to use functional feature for the user.

Patch Panel / Patch Cables

Patch panels and patch cables are used in communication applications. While thousands of patch panels are used on relay racks in large telecom applications, thousands more patch panels are used in small communication closets on wall mount racks. ISC offers standard patch panel sizes. Cat 5e and cat 6 are now the most used standards. For users who have large applications, our professional impact punch down tool is recommended. Patch panels are purchased as to the amount of ports they have. For example, ISC offers a 12, 24, and 48-port panel.

Patch panel cables or patch cables are also available in cat 5e and cat 6. Patch cables are available in several different colors. ISC offers a blue, gray, black, and yellow patch cable and other colors upon request. The ISC cables on our catalog are what we call snagless or booted cables. ISC offers non-booted patch cables on request. The reason many users use snagless or booted cables is to avoid getting the lock pin caught or snagged with other cables when pulling them in an installation or maintenance. ISC offers a lifetime warranty on these patch cables. Depending on the application and installation, the cables are made in many different sizes such as a 3′, 5′, 7′, 10′, 14′, and 25′. Other sizes are available upon request.

Flexible Keyboard

Rackmount keyboards were previously discussed as an excellent way to save space in a server rack, server cabinet, 2-post relay rack, and LAN rack type products. There are several other applications where a standard size keyboard may be better. Some of these applications include an industrial setting or an area that is dusty or where the keyboards must be cleaned regularly such as a doctor’s office. The VIK (virtually indestructible keyboard) provides a good solution for these application. These so flexible they can be rolled up for easy transport.

Rackmount Powerstrip / PDU

Power is becoming more specialized as it relates to the hardware used. Please note that when discussing powerstrips, many users search under powerstrip as one word or power strip as two words. ISC will use both of these in our discussion to make it easer for word searches.

ISC products include both vertical and rackmount power. Features now standard on many models include front / rear outlets, 90 degree outlets, environmental sensors, and remote access. Power distribution units (PDU’s) are very specialized power strips and are typically rackmounted. When an application calls for power that can handle more amps than a typical strip, a PDU is a good solution. These models may have two 20 amp circuits with more outlets and two power cords. Some units have 30 amps with different receptacle and plug arrangements to fit specific power applications. ISC also carries a complete line of UPS for any application. ISC Account Managers are available to help with the correct power model for specific applications.

Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Remote locations seem to be on the rise with many corporations. It is not unusual for a server cabinet, server rack, LAN rack or relay rack to be put in a remote location. Since many remote locations are not manned, temperature and humidity become a factor for server longevity. Servers are very susceptible to high temperatures and humidity. ISC offers many varieties to fit most any application including a low cost zero U sensorhub that can be put in or on any rack and will send email notifications if the temperature or humidity exceeds a threshold setting.

Classroom Computer Table

ISC offers a full line of computer tables for business and school classroom applications. Since computer tables and computer furniture are commonly used in word searches, ISC will again use many of these word phrases to make it easier for searches. ISC offers several different styles that will fit most any application you have.

Semi-Recessed training tables are used in a computer training classroom where the students are all facing towards the instructor and may also need to look at overhead projections. The semi-recessed training table is designed to lower the monitor so the student can have a better view when looking at the instructor or overhead and the instructor can see the student better. When the typical single surface table is used for this application, the student has to look over or around the monitor causing a sometimes painful eye and neck movement and loss of productivity. These can also have an attached cpu holder, roll-out keyboard and a pivot door cable bay. The cable bay is designed to prevent students from accessing the network cables or accidentally pulling cables with their feet and allow network technicians easy access to the cable when needed.

Computer Chair

ISC markets Computer Chairs that can also be used with our Computer Tables and LAN Racks. Our task chair is a commercial quality high use chair with a limited lifetime warranty. The ergonomic adjustments allow the user to adjust the chair to fit their body and work task.