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We Have A Rackmount Powerstrip, Server Rack Power Distribution Unit - PDU, Vertical Power Strip Or Uninterruptible Power System

UPS For Most Any Application You May Have!

If you Are Looking For Intelligent Remote Power, See Our Geist RacSense Series Complete With Power Meters And Environmental Sensor Ports.
Sized 19" - 23" Rackmount And Vertical.

If You Can't Find The Correct Power For Your Application,
800-458-6255 And We Will Get It For You

Powerstrips and Rackmount Power Distribution Information


Rackmount Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Geist Rackmount Powerstrip Selections Geist Rackmount Power Distribution Unit  PDU Options
Geist rackmount powerstrip, rackmount power strip Geist power distribution unit, pdu
  UPS Options
  uninterruptible power system, ups uninterruptible power system, ups
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Power requirements are becoming even more important when used with LAN racks, server racks, server cabinets, relay racks, telecom racks, rackmount wall mount racks and other types of racking. Power is becoming more specialized as it relates to the hardware used. Please note that when discussing powerstrips, many users search under powerstrip as one word or power strip as two words. ISC will use both of these in our discussion to make it easer for word searches. ISC products include vertical powerstrips, rack mount power strips and rackmount power distribution units (PDU's). Vertical powerstrips offered are 24" 8-outlet powerstrip, 48" 16-outlet powerstrip and 72" 24-outlet powerstrip. Rackmount powerstrips include 19" EIA rackmount powerstrip and 23" EIA powerstrips. These rackmount powerstrips have options that include front outlet rackmount powerstrip, rear outlet rackmount powerstrip, front and rear outlet rackmount powerstrip, 90 degree outlet rackmount powerstrip and rackmount power strip with a LCD readout of the amps being used. 15 amp and 20 amp rackmount powerstrips are typical standards and are designed for specific applications. Power distribution units ( PDU's) are very specialized power strips and are typically rackmounted. When an application calls for a powerstrip that can handle more amps than a typical powerstrip, the power distribution unit, PDU, is the answer. A power distribution unit, PDU, may have two 20 amp circuits with more outlets and two power cords. Some power distribution units, PDU's have 30 amps with different receptacle and plug arrangements to fit specific power applications. Using an Uninterruptible Power System more commonly referred to as a UPS, is also recommended. A UPS is designed to protect high dollar computer/electrical equipment from damage and premature failure. In addition, a UPS takes power in whatever condition it may be delivered to the data center and provides clean power directly to components. Remote Power, Intelligent Power, makes it easy to control your power needs and environmental concerns from an off-site location ISC Account Managers are available to help you with all your power requirements.
From computer room racking to seating, Information Support Concepts provides quality product solutions for today's workplace.

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