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LS Series 1U 20" SUN LCD Rackmount Keyboard / KVM Drawer
Austin Hughes CyberView LS-120 Series
For Server Rack 19" Rackmount Applications
Austin Hughes CyberView LS120-117NE Rackmount Keyboard LCD Drawer
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         << Structure Diagram
         << Optional One Man Installation Kit
LCD Drawer & KVM Benefits Drawer Features & Options
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Options:        Options
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Samsung LCD Specifications
  • 20" 1600 x 1200 LCD with 300 nit brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio typical

Note: The mounting brackets for both series adjust from 25.5" 32.75"
Click For Mounting Details

Austin Hughes CyberView LS120 Rackmount Keyboard LCD Drawer Open At 105 Degree Angle
Model Product Dimension (WxDxH) Packing Dimension (WxDxH) Net Weight Gross Weight
LS120-1 Series 442 x 550 x 44 mm
17.4 x21.6x1.73 inch
581 x 705x175 mm
22.9x27.8x 6.9 inch
8kg/18lbs 12kg/26lbs
KVM Integration Base Model RK1 Keyboard Drawer Series
  Single port w/o KVM
USB  interface


Matrix Cat6   KVM                       Click Part Numbers For More Information
Cat6     16 port
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-MU1602
usersusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MU1603
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MU1604
Cat6     16 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MUIP1613
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MUIP1614
ipipusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MUIP1624
Cat6     32 port
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-MU3202
usersusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MU3203
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MU3204
Cat6     32 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MUIP3213
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MUIP3214
ipipusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MUIP3224
Matrix DB-15  KVM                 Click Part Numbers For More Information
DB-15    8 port
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-M802
usersusersusers 3 consoles LS120-M803
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-M804
DB-15    8 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MIP813
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MIP814
ipipusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MIP824
DB-15   16 port
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-M1602
usersusersusers 3 consoles LS120-M1603
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-M1604
DB-15   16 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles LS120-MIP1613
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MIP1614
ipipusersusers 4 consoles LS120-MIP1624
Combo Cat6   KVM                       Click Part Numbers For More Information
Cat6      8 port
users 1 console LS120-U801
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-U802
ipusers 2 consoles LS120-UIP802
Cat6     16 port
users 1 console LS120-U1601
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-U1602
ipusers 2 consoles LS120-UIP1602
Cat6     32 port
users 1 console LS120-U3201
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-U3202
ipusers 2 consoles LS120-UIP3202
Combo DB-15   KVM              Click Part Numbers For More Information
DB-15    8 port
users 1 console LS120-S801
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-802
ipusers 2 consoles LS120-IP802
DB-15   16 port
users 1 console LS120-S1601
usersusers 2 consoles LS120-1602
ipusers 2 consoles LS120-IP1602
Keyboard Selection                  supporting layouts USB interface, incorporates SUN keys
NS      N keyboard with full numeric keypad and SUN function

United States

Austin Hughes CyberView NS Keyboard With Integrated Touchpad For LS120-117 Or LS120-119 Series

2 button touchpad module

Austin Hughes CyberView NB Keyboard With Integrated Trackball For LS120-117 Or LS120-119 Series