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L Series 1U 20" LCD Rackmount Keyboard / KVM Drawer
Austin Hughes CyberView L-120 Series
For Server Rack 19" Rackmount Applications
Austin Hughes CyberView L120 Rackmount Keyboard LCD Drawer
         << User Manual
         << Structure Diagram
         << Optional One Man Installation Kit
LCD Drawer & KVM Benefits Drawer Features & Options
Designed For:     Designed for

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Samsung LCD Specifications
  • 20" 1600 X 1200 LCD with 300 nit brightness and
    800:1 contrast ratio typical

Note: The mounting brackets for both series adjust from 25.5" 32.75"
Click For Mounting Details

Austin Hughes CyberView L-120 Rackmount Keyboard LCD Drawer Open At 97 Degree Angle
Model Product Dimension (WxDxH) Packing Dimension (WxDxH) Net Weight Gross Weight
L-120 Series 442 X 650 X 44 mm
17.4 X 25.6 X 1.73 inch
589 X 856 X 168 mm
23.2 X 33.7 X 6.6 inch
15 kg / 32 lbs 21 kg / 45 lbs
KVM Integration Base Model 20" LCD Series
  Single port w/o KVM
USB  interface


Matrix Cat6   KVM                       Click Part Numbers For More Information
Cat6     16 port
usersusers 2 consoles L120-MU1602
usersusersusers 3 consoles L120-MU1603
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-MU1604
Cat6     16 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles L120-MUIP1613
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-MUIP1614
ipipusersusers 4 consoles L120-MUIP1624
Cat6     32 port
usersusers 2 consoles L120-MU3202
usersusersusers 3 consoles L120-MU3203
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-MU3204
Cat6     32 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles L120-MUIP3213
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles\ L120-MUIP3214
ipipusersusers 4 consoles L120-MUIP3224
Matrix DB-15  KVM                 Click Part Numbers For More Information
DB-15    8 port
usersusers 2 consoles L120-M802
usersusersusers 3 consoles L120-M803
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-M804
DB-15    8 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles L120-MIP813
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-MIP814
ipipusersusers 4 consoles L120-MIP824
DB-15   16 port
usersusers 2 consoles L120-M1602
usersusersusers 3 consoles L120-M1603
usersusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-M1604
DB-15   16 port
ipusersusers 3 consoles L120-MIP1613
ipusersusersusers 4 consoles L120-MIP1614
ipipusersusers 4 consoles L120-MIP1624
Combo Cat6   KVM                       Click Part Numbers For More Information
Cat6      8 port
users 1 console L120-U801
usersusers 2 consoles L120-U802
ipusers 2 consoles L120-UIP802
Cat6     16 port
users 1 console L120-U1601
usersusers 2 consoles L120-U1602
ipusers 2 consoles L120-UIP1602
Cat6     32 port
users 1 console L120-U3201
usersusers 2 consoles L120-U3202
ipusers 2 consoles L120-UIP3202
Combo DB-15   KVM              Click Part Numbers For More Information
DB-15    8 port
users 1 console L120-S801
usersusers 2 consoles L120-802
ipusers 2 consoles L120-IP802
DB-15   16 port
users 1 console L120-S1601
usersusers 2 consoles L120-1602
ipusers 2 consoles L120-IP1602
PS/2 DB-15  KVM                       Click Part Numbers For More Information
8 port users 8 port L120-801
Keyboard Selection                  supporting layouts
Ne      N keyboard integrated with touchpad

United States

Austin Hughes CyberView N Keyboard With Integrated Touchpad For S-217 Or S-219 Series