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Server Rack Server Cabinet Server Cabinet Server Cabinet Computer Cabinet Server Cabinet Computer Rack

Choose The Computer Rack / Computer Cabinet That Fits Your Application

Rackmount Computer Rack And Computer Cabinet Options For Shallow Hardware With 10/32 Tapped Rack Rails. Great For Studio Hardware. For More information Click Pictures Below

Economy Rackmount Computer Cabinet Rackmount Computer Frames Portable Rackmount Computer Cabinet Economy Rackmount Computer Rack
ERK Economy
Computer Cabinet
20"D And 25"D
WRK Computer
Cabinet Frames
27.5"D And 32.5"D
PTRK Portable
Computer Cabinet
23"D And 26"D
Slim-5 Economy
Computer Rack
20"D And 26"D
Rackmount Accessories Server Rack / Server Cabinet
VDSXD Rackmount Shelf Rackmount Server Rack Cabinet Package
Rackmount Shelves And Accessories
For Server Racks And Computer Racks
Server Racks & Server Cabinets
For Hot Running Deep Servers 
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ISC Glossary For Computer Cabinet & Computer Rack Types

Computer Rack: A computer rack frame with tapped hole rackrails, normally 10/32, for shallow rackmount hardware

Computer Cabinet: A computer cabinet frame with doors, side panels, top panels (enclosed

"U", RU, Rack Unit, Rack Space, Space, Unit: These are words and abbreviations used to indicate the usable height of a server rack, computer rack or any rackmount frame. The most common is "U" but all of the terms refer to the height of the rackmount item being mounted which is 1.75". Thus 1U = 1.75", 2U = 3.5".

Computer Cabinets for your Office

ISC is a dedicated, experienced industry leader in providing superior quality computer cabinet furniture and rack mount drawer and keyboard products of all shapes and sizes. We also offer a full inventory of computer rack equipment, server racks, and wall mount rack units that are fully compatible with a great majority of the computer servers and components presently sold on the market. Whether you need a series of computer cabinets for your office servers, a new rack mount monitor and keyboard set up to allow fast and easy administration of your server farm, or a series of wall mount rack shelves and custom rack enclosures for your server systems and components, ISC has all the hardware you could ever want at extremely competitive prices.

Please note that we define a computer cabinet as a standard, or a traditional, rackmount enclosure or furniture unit that lacks the overall depth as a standard server rack. For this reason, our computer cabinets and related computer component storage units are designed and intended to store computer systems or hardware than operate at lower temperatures than standard servers. Additionally, keep in mind that the doors and paneled sidings of most computer cabinets are generally not perforated and lack ventilation holes, which means deep hot running servers should not, as a rule, be stored or operated in standard computer cabinets.

On the other hand, computer racks are basically stripped down computer cabinets that do not retain any doors or side panels, which vastly increases the heat dissipation characteristics of these types of computer furniture. Using computer racks in a data or server center is an ideal way to keep server or data storage machines close together for ease of administration while keeping heat build-up down. For the most part, extra side panels can be applied to the end units in a server farm for aesthetic purposes, with little or no loss in the overall heat dissipation capability of the entire system.

Computer Cabinets

ISC provides a wide range of computer cabinets, computer racks, and multiple rackmount solutions for IT managers and professionals who administrate deep hot running servers. These servers generally require server racks or modified computer cabinets that can accommodate them with plenty of space left to spare for maintenance and cabling, and that offer superior ventilation characteristics. Some of our most popular server cabinet units include the following models:

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