How to Prevent Computer Power Cords From Coming Loose

Power cords that become loose or accidentally connected are costing data centers millions of dollars in server downtime. It is not uncommon for a technician to accidentally pull out a cord when doing routine maintenance or moving the cord slightly causing it to become loose creating downtime due to intermittent power.

Many network managers have resorted to using wire retainer bars and even epoxy glue to prevent this from happening. While these measures can work, they require extra work in installing or removing the cords which results in higher cost. There is now a solution under the trade name of Auto-Lockā„¢ that requires no additional parts and allows the plug to lock in automatically to the receptacle so they can not be removed until you are ready to remove it.
Two popular power cord styles incorporate C13 or C19 locking connectors and are available in many different sizes. With a unique patented locking mechanism on the connector side, fastening and unlocking your cord is just one pull away. After inserting the connector end into your device, it is safely secure. Once the lock engages, the plug will not come out until you want to remove the cord. You can release the lock simply by pulling back on the red sliding tabs and pulling out like a standard plug.

Make a point of purchasing only certified power cords that have undergone all relevant tests and are proven safe for the environment you intend to use it for. Facilities like laboratories and test centers, where computers run round the clock, using authentic and certified cords is extremely important as they are capable of withstanding pressurized and constant operation. Server load in these facilities is immense that dictates the necessity of certified cords.

It is also important to get the correct gauge, amps and voltage cord to match the requirements of your hardware. Using the wrong gauge can damage your hardware and cause potential fire hazards. Working with a knowledgeable company is important to ensure you are getting the quality cord that will save you money over the long term.