Servers – The Basics

There are two basic types of computers on a network: the server and the client. Servers are the computers that store resources and enable sharing. The computer being served with these resources is called the client. Servers are often dedicated, meaning they only perform certain tasks. Some types of servers include:

Web Servers – Web servers are computers dedicated to delivering web pages. When you CAPTAIN LOGOenter a URL into your browser, your computer sends a request to the web server whose domain name matches, and the server sends the correct page back to you.

Proxy Servers – Proxy servers sit between clients and real servers. Caching Proxy Servers intercept requests on the way to real servers to see if they can fulfill the requests themselves. Proxy servers can save time because they save the results of all requests for a certain amount of time. So if a user requests one page today, and the same page tomorrow, the proxy server can now return the request instead of the real server.

Cloud Servers – Cloud server hosting is available to customers on demand via the internet. This hosting service is made possible by connecting multiple servers that comprise the cloud.

Whatever servers you’re using, Server Rack Options can help you get organized today.

Three Reasons Why You Need A Server Rack

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1.)  Clean up- If you are a small business that has servers spread out on tables or stacked on floor, a server rack will clean up the clutter and make use of vertical space.

2.)  Safety- Cables and cords can be organized for easy access and prevent tripping hazards.

3.)  Faster work flow- When a server and it’s functioning cables are set up properly and organized, the tools can work to their maximum potential. If set up incorrectly your system could crash more often.

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