3 Reasons to Organize Your Server Room Cables

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  1. Efficiency: Without organization, a server room can become a tangled mess of wires, impossible to navigate for repair. Keep your server room cables organized for efficient future maintenance.
  2. Safety: Disorganized server room cables can be completely hazardous in the workplace. Using organizational tools to maintain order in your server room protects against tripping or tangling accidents.
  3. Save Money: Organized cables actually have a longer lifespan than those left tangled in a mess. Add order to your server room to save money on replacing dead cables in the future.

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3 Tips for Investing in the Right Server Room Air Conditioner


  1. Automatic Restart: Employees or personnel do not necessarily frequent a company’s server room regularly. Thus, installing an air conditioning unit that can automatically restart when conditions imbalance is great help in ensuring the rooms steady temperature levels.
  2. Ventilation: Servers create a great deal of heat. A proper server room air conditioning system has a means by which to ventilate that hot air outside.
  3. Condensation Tank: Server rooms must stay relatively dry to avoid machinery damages. Air conditioners typically dehumidify a room, but a good server room air conditioner then stores this excess water from the air in an easily drainable tank for added safety.

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