A Computer Cabinet Is Not a Computer Rack

The average person tends to get the terms computer cabinet and computer rack confused. The problem is that they seem to think that they are talking about two completely different items. In certain instances, you could be talking about two different products.  However if you are working in the IT field and assembling a new server system, the two terms are for the most part interchangeable, with one major exception.

Computer Cabinets Tend to Be at Least Partially Enclosed

The one difference that you are going to notice between a computer cabinet and a computer rack is that the term cabinet often denotes a rack has both side panels as well as doors on the front that may or may not be lockable. Based on the servers you are using and your need for security, these might make a better choice, however you need to choose a cabinet that is going to provide plenty of cooling air to your servers.


Choose Your Server Racks from Our Wide Selection

You’ll find just the right server racks or server cabinets that fit your application when you shop with us. We have Rackmount racks and cabinets for deep-hot running servers with square-hole rack rails, and more.

We can help you find the best server racks for your application

We carry many different server racks, including Low Profile 3U-25 Server Cabinet 22.5”D to 32”D, 4-Post Rack Frame Adjustable, from 26”D to 42”D, and others. Kendall Howard Racks, Alert-A-Rack Server Cabinet 31.5”D and 39.5”D, WC Rack Server Cabinet 36.5”D, and Premium Rack Cabinet 36”D and 42”D with square-hole rack rails, as well as Rackmount Accessories. Our Kendall Howard Racks and Computer Cabinets, such as the Extra Wide Cable Management Rack, is a high density solution for cooling your equipment. It is a necessity for data centers, or network wiring closets with many different cables.

Other Kendall Howard server racks

Another style is a Glass Front Vented Rear Doors that is our entry level cabinet. The top of the cabinet has areas where you can install up to four fans, and removable cable slots make for easy installation, for network communication lines for your application.

We Will Help You Find the Best Server Rack System

We can help you find a server rack system that is compatible with most major manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, Compaq, and others. Our great pricing helps you stretch your budget, while getting the product that you need for your application.

You won’t need to worry about heat and humidity with our server rack system

We have an Alert-A-Rack server rack system that will give you advance warning if the temperature or humidity gets too high. You can receive alerts by email with this system, that give you enough warning to handle the problem before damage to your equipment occurs. The system has maximum air flow design, and a dual fan with fan kit and cable entry points. Two sets of heavy-duty adjustable square-hold stainless steel rack rails keep your equipment secure and safe. This system also features locking full-perforated front and split rear doors. It is made with a black finish and is available in 15U, 22U, 36U, 42U, in 26.5 inch or 34.25 inch usable depth.

We also have alert-a-rack server rack accessories

We also carry a wide variety of Alert-A-Rack accessories, like fan, shelves, power, screws, and other supplies that you may need.

School Computer Tables with Semi-Recessed Bay for CRTs

The type of computer tables that you use can make a big difference in how students progress in their computer class. We have 30”D tables that allow for greater line-of-sight between the student and instructor.

Computer tables with many features

Computer tables that are comfortable and have features that make learning a more comfortable experience can be found at our website, as well. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have if you call us at (800) 458-6255. When you provide tables for 30 degree angle for CRT and modesty panels J-channel for cable management, the work area is more organized and easier to use. Our tables are made with 1-1/4” high pressure laminate, with a black frame with cloud nebula gray/blue surface and black T=mold. CPU platform and casters are optional, and we also have more colors available.

Many computer table options at our sister store

We feature many table options at our sister store, ComputerTableStore.com, where you will find training tables in many sizes and shapes. This website has helpful table experts who can help you with your purchase. You may need a certain type of table, depending on your computer system and other computer needs.

We Have the Right PDU for Your Needs

A PDU or power distribution unit is a device that distributes electrical power to computers or networking equipment, and if you need any of these devices for your operation, we have them for you.

We have Geist remote Ethernet metered EM series PDU power distribution unit options

If you’re looking for the right PDU, we have many choices that will work for your operation. You can find the best horizontal-vertical device for your application by looking through our list of available models, or call us and we will be happy to help you find the exact product that you need. You can reach us at (800) 458-6255. We have Geist Ethernet Metered EM Series products that allow remote real-time monitoring of connected loads and users. You’ll have easy identification and load balancing with the color-coded receptacle configurations on all 3-units.

PDU Ethernet meters for every application

We know that the various sizes and details about our Ethernet devices can be confusing, so we offer helpful descripts of each one for you. You can choose how many outlets you need and the other details, such as double pole circuit breaker/switches or other models.


We Have the KVM Switch That You Need for Your Application

At Information Support Concepts (ISC), we have been selling quality products since 1987. We are a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers product solutions for networking, school computer classrooms, and other applications. Our products are marketed in an online catalog, and we probably have the kvm switch that you need. If not, you can call us or email us at www.serverrackoptions.com, and we will try to locate the switch for you.

We have the kvm switch that will work with computer components and hardware

You’ll find the quality, name brand kvm switch, also known as Keyboard Video and Mouse, at our website. This switch will enable you to access multiple servers or workstations from a single terminal. Many of those that we sell have On Screen Display (OSD) that helps the user access the specific server required. It also helps the user know which server portal is currently active. These time saving switches are especially helpful in a network environment, server farm, or data center.

KVM switch technology allows you to access workstations remotely

The technology used to make these switches has advanced to the point that they can be accessed by logging onto the Internet. We have switches that allow for remote access up to 300 meters, such as our Combo DB-15 KVM with either 8 or 16 in 1U. This cost-efficient solution allows for remote management between user and equipment rooms within the same building. Our Combo Cat6 KVM, with either 8, 16, or 32 ports in 1U, also allows for remote access, up to 300 meters, with up to 40 meters between your servers and KVM ports. We carry many models by Austin Hughes that are user-friendly and are designed for specific applications.

We’ll Help You Locate the Computer Cabinet You Need

When you call us for help in locating a particular computer cabinet, our helpful consultants will tell you what we have in stock. If we don’t have what you need, we will locate it for you. You can call us at (800) 458-6255.

Our economy computer cabinet has many features

We carry the ERK Series-Seismic Certified Economy Rackmount Computer cabinet that is available in several sizes. This model is excellent for shallow computer hardware and studio hardware applications. It is affordable and has everything that many applications require, such as 2500 pound capacity, UHF/VHF antenna knockouts, electrical knockouts on rear plates, grounding with bonding stud in base per NEBS and NEC standards, and it’s UL listed in the US and Canada. It is available in 20”D and 25”D with welded side panels with vents, and locking rear door with spring latch and configurable thermal management knockouts. Vented front top and bottom help keep expensive equipment cool. It is made in black.

Our portable computer cabinet with standard heavy-duty locking casters

Our PTRK Series Cabinet is 19” and has recessed side handles, so it can be easily moved. It is available in 14U, 21U, and 27U in either 23”D or 26”D models. There is an optional adjustable depth shelf for PTRK Series cabinet, as well. The cabinet’s welded 16-guage steel construction and 3/8” thick laser cut corner braces enable it to have a 500lb. weight capacity. The cabinet has keylocked front and rear doors, which are standard for advanced security. The finish is a black textured powder coat that resists rusting and corrosion. There are slots in the bottom of the rack for cable strain relief and so that boxes can be mounted. Cabinet options are rear rackrails, miscellaneous shelf and accessory options, and power options.

Cheap Server Racks Can Be the Solution to Your Storage Issues

Cheap server racks, computer racks, or server cabinets can provide the storage space that will fit into your tight space, yet still hold all of the components needed for your workers.

Cheap server racks are often efficient for smaller hardware and servers

Economical editions of server cabinets or cheap server racks are available in most styles that are similar to expensive models. Less expensive models are often smaller and more compact, and they may not have the ability to hold as much weight as more expensive models. Each model that we sell lists the weight capacity and the dimensions of hardware and components that can be stored in the server cabinet or rack.

We offer deals on cheap server racks

We charge less for our racks because we specialize in finding the best product solutions for networking, telecom, corporate training rooms, and school computer classrooms.

We Have a Rack Mount That’s Right for Your Application

You may be looking for a rack mount, server rack, computer rack, or server cabinet. Fortunately, we have many of each of these products available to our customers. We feature many styles and sizes that offer choices for your needs.

Rack mount options for mounting computer hardware and servers

You may need a rack mount solution, or one of the components to store keyboards, monitors, or other parts of your system. We sell all components, including rackmount power strips, rackmount KVM switches, power supply (ups), rackmount keyboard, rackmount monitor, and other rackmount components. We can help you choose the best way to fit all of your components into a server rack or server cabinet. If we can help you find any of the solutions that you need, just call us at (800) 458-6255.

Rack mount solutions for space optimization

We have helped many companies plan solutions for optimizing work space with rackmount solutions. Using the standard 19” rackmount server with its vertical space is one way to optimize the space in your office. A notebook size keyboard or rackmount keyboard TFT LCD monitor with built in KVM switch can be used in this storage cabinet.

We Have a Wide Variety of Vertical and Horizontal Power Strips

You’ll find many great deals on power strips at our website. We have been providing information technology products to our customers since 1987, and we will help you find the products that you need, if we don’t carry them. Just call us at (800) 458-6255 for assistance.

We sell rackmount power strips and others

If you need Rackmount Power Strips, we have Geist Rackmount Power Distribution Units with PDU Options, Geist RacSense Power with Ethernet Meters Environmental Sensors with Remote Functions, and Rackmount Remote Power, Intelligent Power, Manager Controller strips. We also have economical vertical powerstrips, Geist Rackmount Powerstrip Selections, and UPS Options. These strips provide intelligent remote power and are available in sizes from 19 inches to 23 inches Rackmount and Vertical.

Power strips are more important than ever

Considering that these important components are used with LAN racks, server racks, wall mount racks, and other types of racking, finding the right strips is absolutely necessary. We are here to help you find the right size and type for your application. Rackmount strips can be front outlet strips, rear outlet strips, front and rear outlet strips, 90 degree outlet strips, or strips with a LCD readout of the amps being used.