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keyboards Keyboards PC Keyboards  Flexible Indestructible Flex Keyboards PC Keyboard

The Virtually Indestructible Keyboards For Your PC

Impervious to water, coffee & most cleaner solutions
Flexible         Rollable         Washable         Portable
Flexible PC Keyboard
FLX-2000, flexible pc keyboard, virtually indestructible keyboard
FLX-500U, flexible pc keyboard, virtually indestructible keyboard
(Note: Flexible Keyboards For iPAQ and Palm Have Been Discontinued)
Excellent for the following applications:
  • Industrial
  • Medical Office
  • Mobile Office
  • Space savings
  • Office
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Backup
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There are several applications where a standard size keyboard is better. Some of these applications include an industrial setting or an area that is dusty or where the keyboards must be cleaned regularly such as a doctor's office. The VIK keyboard or virtually indestructible keyboard provides a good solutions for these application. ISC also refers to these keyboards as flexible keyboards. The flexible keyboard or virtually indestructible keyboard is made of a heavy duty silicon based material that is impervious to water, coffee, and most cleaning solutions. The silicon based material is not porous like keyboards that have an inexpensive plastic wrap on them. While the plastic wrapped keyboard will allow liquids to eventually penetrate, the silicon based material will not. The flexible virtually indestructible keyboard can be rolled up for easy transport when desired. VIK keyboard is available in a full sized blue PS/2 compatible, black USB compatible, mini USB compatible and now available for iPAQ and Palm PDA's. The iPAQ and Palm flexible VIK keyboard comes with a standard collapsible cradle for easy viewing.
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