Your New Computer Cabinet Must Have Adequate Airflow

If you are putting together a new server system in your place of business, you are probably planning on buying at least one computer cabinet to house your servers. However, servers have evolved over the years and many of today’s servers are designed to take up only 1U-4U of space in the racks. Ostensibly this was done so that you could get more servers in a single rack, but it did create a new problem.

The Wrong Computer Cabinet Can Overheat Your Servers

These new blade style servers are significantly deeper than the older taller units and as such tend to run much hotter. If the computer cabinet you choose does not allow for plenty of space and airflow by being deeper than those designed for older servers, you could face significant overheating and subsequent damage to your servers. You need to make sure the cabinets you choose are made to accommodate the servers you will be using.

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