You Can Use a 19” Server Rack for Equipment under 19” Wide and 30” Deep

Server racks come in different widths, depths and heights. The width is the measurement in inches of your computer server or other type of equipment. You will want to measure the face of the unit to obtain this measurement. Once you have this measurement, you will want to measure the depth of the equipment. If the width is 19 inches or under and the depth is 30 inches or under, you can look at using a compact 19” server rack.

You Need Rack Mount Shelves for Your 19” Server Rack

You will need to look at different accessories for your 19” server rack in order to install your equipment. You will need to get rack mount shelves, which are secured to the server rack by using screws. Once the shelves are installed, you can then install your computer server or other equipment into the server rack.

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