What Is a KVM Switch Used For?

Unless you have been working in the IT field for a while you may have heard someone talking about a KVM switch, but do not have any idea what this type of switch is and what it does.  The acronym KVM stands for keyboard, video, mouse as these are the devices that are going to be plugged into it.  These switches are designed to allow you to use a single KVM setup to control multiple servers from a single location.

The KVM Switch Is Commonly Used to Monitor and Control a Server Rack

One of the most common locations you will find a KVM switch in use is a server rack where a number of servers are installed. By using this type of switch the IT techs can significantly reduce the amount of clutter in the room. This is because you can connect all of the servers in one rack to the same keyboard, mouse and monitor. All you need to do is switch between servers and you can control everything.

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