We Have the Right PDU for Your Needs

A PDU or power distribution unit is a device that distributes electrical power to computers or networking equipment, and if you need any of these devices for your operation, we have them for you.

We have Geist remote Ethernet metered EM series PDU power distribution unit options

If you’re looking for the right PDU, we have many choices that will work for your operation. You can find the best horizontal-vertical device for your application by looking through our list of available models, or call us and we will be happy to help you find the exact product that you need. You can reach us at (800) 458-6255. We have Geist Ethernet Metered EM Series products that allow remote real-time monitoring of connected loads and users. You’ll have easy identification and load balancing with the color-coded receptacle configurations on all 3-units.

PDU Ethernet meters for every application

We know that the various sizes and details about our Ethernet devices can be confusing, so we offer helpful descripts of each one for you. You can choose how many outlets you need and the other details, such as double pole circuit breaker/switches or other models.


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