We Have the KVM Switch That You Need for Your Application

At Information Support Concepts (ISC), we have been selling quality products since 1987. We are a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers product solutions for networking, school computer classrooms, and other applications. Our products are marketed in an online catalog, and we probably have the kvm switch that you need. If not, you can call us or email us at www.serverrackoptions.com, and we will try to locate the switch for you.

We have the kvm switch that will work with computer components and hardware

You’ll find the quality, name brand kvm switch, also known as Keyboard Video and Mouse, at our website. This switch will enable you to access multiple servers or workstations from a single terminal. Many of those that we sell have On Screen Display (OSD) that helps the user access the specific server required. It also helps the user know which server portal is currently active. These time saving switches are especially helpful in a network environment, server farm, or data center.

KVM switch technology allows you to access workstations remotely

The technology used to make these switches has advanced to the point that they can be accessed by logging onto the Internet. We have switches that allow for remote access up to 300 meters, such as our Combo DB-15 KVM with either 8 or 16 in 1U. This cost-efficient solution allows for remote management between user and equipment rooms within the same building. Our Combo Cat6 KVM, with either 8, 16, or 32 ports in 1U, also allows for remote access, up to 300 meters, with up to 40 meters between your servers and KVM ports. We carry many models by Austin Hughes that are user-friendly and are designed for specific applications.

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