Use a Wall Mounted Server Rack When You Lack Space

In certain locations in your building, you may be limited on the amount of space you have available for running network and telecommunication cables. The space limitations may not allow you to use full size server racks for mounting patch panels. One solution available is to use a wall mounted server rack. This type of server rack attaches directly to the wall, while keeping your cables and wiring off the floor.

For Easy Rear Access Use a Pivoting Wall Mounted Server Rack

Accessing the rear of a wall mounted server rack can be an issue when you need to add equipment. One option you can use is a pivoting wall cabinet server rack. This type of server rack allows you to open and pivot the rack, to gain access to the rear of your equipment. Once your equipment is installed, you are able to connect any required power cords and wiring from the rear. With a pivoting cabinet, you do not have to worry about making these connections before equipment installation.

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