Use a 2 Post Server Rack to Clean Up Your Wiring Closets

Wiring closets can be a nightmare when you just have network cables plugged into patch boxes and laying around on the floor. Cables can be tangled together, which makes it difficult to determine which network relay matches which cable. You can take charge to clean up this nightmare by using a 2 post server rack. This type of server rack allows you to secure patch boxes and horizontal relay racks in between the two posts.

A 2 Post Server Rack Can Also Be Used to Organize Telephone Lines

Besides helping to organize your network cables, a 2 post server rack can also be used to organize your telephone lines. You can have different 2 post racks in the same wiring closet. You can use one rack for your network cables and the other one for your telephone cables. Consider using different colored cables, where you use one color for network connections and another color for telephone connections.

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