You Should Never Buy a Cheap Powerstrip

If you have been thinking of going to your nearest discount store to buy a powerstrip to supply power to a single computer or series of computers instead of buying one that is purpose built for the job as a way to save money you need to think about what you are about to do. Think about the cost of replacing all of the equipment that you are going to plug into that $5 powerstrip, you know the one you thought you were saving money buying.

A Cheap Powerstrip Will Not Protect Your System

If you decide to buy a cheap power strip rather than one that is designed to be used to protect sensitive electronic equipment, you will not be getting any protection from power surges. The average computer can be destroyed by a relatively small surge. If you are convinced that you are saving money by purchasing that $5 power strip, remember how much it cost you to buy everything that you are going to be plugging into it.