You Need to Take Measurements to Select a Computer Rack Mount

When selecting a computer rack mount, you will need to take some measurements of your equipment. You will want to measure the width and length of the equipment, such as your network servers. The length may be referred to as depth for some rack mount models. The height should be measured and used to calculate the height of rack mount you will need. You should also account for the height of the shelves, when adding heights together.

Other Types of Equipment You Can Put in a Computer Rack Mount

A computer rack mount can be used for more than just computers and network servers. You can also use a rack mount for your audio, video, and monitoring equipment. By putting these types of equipment into a rack mount, it makes it easier to access the equipment. You have access to the front of the equipment, as well as unobstructed rear access. This makes is easier to connect cables, wiring and power cords and keep them from becoming tangled.