The “U” Is the Unit of Measurement Used to Measure a Server Cabinet

If this is the first time you have needed to buy a sever cabinet or rack, you will find that the manufactures all discuss sizes in a specific unit of measurement. This is a unique unit known as the “U” and one “U” is equal to 1.75 inches. This measurement is used to describe the height of anything that is going to be placed in the cabinet racks and is a fairly easy number to calculate.

How to Calculate the Number of “U”s Your Servers Measure

The best way to calculate how tall your servers in order to ensure that you are buying the right server cabinet, is to physically measure their height in inches. You then divide this measurement by 1.75 and the resulting answer is the height in “U”s of your server or any other item you are installing. You will need this number when shopping for a new cabinet as most are listed with their “U” value included in all of the other measurements.