The 4 Post Rack Design Provides You with Plenty of Flexibility

When you are designing a new server room and need the flexibility to be able to add and remove equipment that is a mix of standard and non-standard sizes, you will find that using a 4 post rack is going to be your best option. Compared to a more tradition server rack that has set sizes and mounting holes for each server, these racks are pre-drilled to accept any size of equipment you plan to use.

The Design of the 4 Post Rack Makes Installation Simple

As the post have a large number of evenly space holes, using a 4 post rack lets you decide where you are going to mount your servers and any other equipment. Installation can be taken care of in minutes using the enclosed hardware. On top of this you can leave as much or as little space between your servers for cooling air as you feel is necessary. These racks are also available with wheels on them so you can create portable servers should the need arise.