You May Want to Consider Adding Rack Shelves to Your Server Racks

When you are putting together the new server racks for your company’s network, you are going to find that you have a large amount of gear that has to be stored in the racks along with the servers. Some of it is designed to be bolted to the racks just like the servers, the rest you should consider using rack shelves to hold it all in place.

We Carry Several Different Rack Shelves

In as much as you are going to have a number of different items that will be bolted into the rack, you may find that you need rack shelves for your keyboard or perhaps your PDUs and power strips to sit on. Or perhaps you need space for rolls of extra wiring and accessories so that they are always at hand. We carry a large selection of shelves for you to choose from that can be used to fit your needs.

Adding Rack Shelves to Give Yourself Work Space

When you are putting together your racks you need to be thinking and planning ahead to make sure that you are going to have the rack shelves you need for things like your networking gear and any smaller equipment that you need to store out of the way. If you try to leave this type equipment lying on top of your servers, it is bound to cause a number of problems over time.

We Have Rack Shelves for Many Purposes

You will find that we have rack shelves for a number of different uses including creating more workspace when you need it. One of our more popular shelves is sliding shelf series that you can use to hold your extra equipment or to place your keyboard and monitor on while you are working on the servers in the rack. This way you can slide everything back inside the rack out of the way when you are not using it.