Take Control with a Rack Mount Keyboard

Running a server room is never an easy task as space is limited and trying to get anything done practically requires you to be a contortionist. However if you really want to take control of each server rack and not end up with a rolling keyboard getting in the way, you will find that a rack mount keyboard can take the acrobatics out of your server room.

A Rack Mount Keyboard Slides Out of the Way

One of the reasons installing a rack mount keyboard in each of your server racks makes good sense is that you can slide the keyboard out when you need to use it and then slide it safely out of the way when you don’t. Most of our rack mount shelves can also accommodate an LCD video monitor and a mouse so that using a KVM switch; you can have full control of all servers in the rack.

Adding a Rack Mount Fan for Better Cooling

When it seems as though nothing you are doing is keeping your servers cooled down when they are under a heavy load, you need to start examining your alternatives. You should start by looking at your rack design to ensure that your servers are getting the cooling air flow that they need. If this is not the problem, you might want to consider adding one or more rack mount fans to the system.

Rack Mount Fans Add Significant Cooling Air Flow

When you add one or more rack mount fans to your server racks, you will be able to increase the flow of cooling air in the rack significantly. This can mean the difference between keeping your servers cooling and running at optimum performance or losing them to overheating due to the lack of the necessary cooling air flow, which can be very expensive.

Offer a Little Extra Security with a Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

While many of your clients may have a secured server room for all of their networking equipment and servers, you are going to run across the occasional customer who does not have any type of room for their servers, let alone one that they can secure. When this happens you may find that using a wall mounted rack enclosure will let you solve both problems at the same time.

We Have a Number of Different Styles of Rack Enclosure

When you look in our online catalog, you will find that we carry a large selection of different type of wall mount rack enclosure for you to choose from. With these you will be able to mount your client’s servers anywhere that they have enough space on the wall, and as many of them have locking doors, your client’s servers will be completely secure, except to those who have a key.

Add a Rack Mount LCD Monitor to Your Server Rack

Space is always at a premium in most server rooms as most IT techs can happily attest to. The idea always seems to be to cram as many server racks as possible into the smallest space available. If this sounds familiar, you should consider using rack mount LCD monitors to help you save space and still be able to monitor your servers.

Rack Mount Monitors Come in a Range of Sizes

With space an ongoing concern in your server room, we carry two different sizes of rack mount monitors. Our 8U monitor is a 19 inch LCD monitor that offers a maximum 1280 x 1084 resolution. If you have a little more space, you can opt for our 9U model that is a 20 inch LCD monitor providing you with a maximum 1600 x 1200 resolution, both offer the same side to side viewing as a CRT monitor and come with all necessary mounting hardware.