Organize Your Server Cords Using a Rackmount PDU

A big problem with server rooms is all the power cords, which can easily clutter the floor. The power cords can get tangled, which makes it difficult to figure out which cord goes to which server. One solution to help organize this mess is to use a rackmount PDU. A PDU is a power distribution unit which is attached in a server rack. This unit has several outlets on the back, which allows you to plug your server chords directly into the PDU. You can also label the outlets, so you know which cord goes to which server.

A Rackmount PDU Can Include Remote Monitoring Functions

When selecting a rackmount PDU, you will want to determine if you need remote functions. Some models of PDUs include this option, which allows you to access the PDU over a network connection without having to make a trip to your server room. You can also find models which allow for aggregate current monitoring and allow you to set alarm thresholds.