No Matter What Name They Go By Server Racks Are Server Racks

No matter what name they go under or you choose to call them server racks are nothing more than enclosures that are designed to hold your servers in a secure location. Whether you choose to call them server racks, network equipment enclosure, network racks or server cabinets, they are all the same and as long as you buy the right one to fit in with your specific needs all is well.

Choosing the Right Size Server Racks for You Needs

When you are looking at the various server racks in our online catalog, you will find that there are two factors that are going to affect your final choice. These are the brand of equipment you are planning to use and how much equipment you are planning to install in each rack. You need to make sure you plan ahead and buy racks that leave you room for expansion or you may find that you end up having to replace them as you grow.