Is Your Power Strip Protecting Your Servers?

Of all of the mistakes you can make when you are putting together a new server rack, the worst one is to plug all of your equipment into a power strip that does not provide full surge protection. While you might think that as your entire facility is supposed to be protected from surges and that you do not have anything to worry about, this can be a serious mistake as you can still end up with a surge in the power circuits within the building.

A Power Strip that Does Not Offer Surge Protection Can Destroy Your Servers

While many of today’s servers have been designed to be far less susceptible to damage from a power surge, you still need to be smart and use a surge suppressing power strip to plug in all of the electronic components in your server racks. You can leave the inexpensive, unprotected power strips for things like cooling fans and lights as they are not likely to be affected by any type of power surge.