Choose Your Rack Mount Monitor First

As you start putting together the order for the parts and supplies you need to assemble a new server rack, one of the first things you need to choose is going to be your rack mount monitor as this will have a significant effect on the rack mount keyboard / monitor drawer you are going to end up buying.  The alternative is to look at buying a monitor that can be mounted directly onto the rack itself,

Buying a Rack Mount Monitor That Mounts Directly On the Rack

If you prefer to use a rack mount monitor that is designed to bolt directly onto your server rack, you will find that we carry an 8U and a 9U TFT LCD monitor to fit your needs Our 8U model is a 19″ display offering 1280 x 1024 resolution, while our 9U model measures 20″ and offers 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution. Each of these monitors includes a 12V 5A remote power adapter and all mounting hardware needed to install them.