Are You Sure Your New Rack Enclosure Will Meet Your Cooling Needs

Of all the details you need to be paying attention to when you are buying a new rack enclosure, the one that you need to pay the most attention to is how well it is set up for ventilation. Nothing can kill a server faster than allowing it to overheat and for one reason or another; this very important detail never seems to be on the minds of many enclosure manufacturers.

Avoid Rack Enclosures with Minimal Ventilation

You will find that there are a number of rack enclosure manufacturers who build their rack enclosure to meet the minimum ventilation requirements as set out by the various server manufacturers. While these enclosures might meet minimum standards, do you really want to risk thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment on minimum ventilation? All of our server enclosures have been designed to provide ample airflow to keep your servers nice and cool.