A Good Computer Cabinet Should Have More than Enough Airflow

If you are putting together a new server system for your business, you are going to need at least one computer cabinet to house your new servers. You need to remember that servers have evolved over the years and most of today’s servers have been designed to take up only 1U-4U of space in the racks. This was done to allow you to install more servers in a single rack, but a new problem came with this.

An Improperly Designed Computer Cabinet Might Allow Your Servers to Overheat

The new blade style servers are somewhat deeper than the older units and as such tend to run significantly hotter. When you choose a computer cabinet that does not provide for plenty of space and airflow by being deeper than those designed for older servers, you could end up dealing with major overheating and damage to your servers. You need to make sure the cabinets you choose are made to accommodate the servers you will be using.