Supplying Power to Your Servers Made Easy with a PDU

One of the easier challenges to overcome when you are putting together your IT room that has multiple servers, cooling units and back up servers in place can be supplying power to everything in a carefully orchestrated manner. This is where you will find that a PDU or Power Distribution Unit can come in very handy as it can be used to supply everything from a single source.

The PDU Is Available In Numerous Configurations

The one advantage to using a PDU over a simple power strip is that they come in an incredible number of different configurations. You can buy PDUs that will allow you to turn off everything at the flick of a single switch, have individual switches for each outlet and those that are remotely controlled so that you can power up or down individual servers from a remote location as necessary. Many offer color coded outlets so that you can set up specific sections and can be purchased with our without surge protection built in.

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