Server Racks by Any Other Name

When you get right down to it, server racks are simply enclosures that have been designed to hold your servers in a secure location. Whether you call them server racks, network equipment enclosure, network racks or server cabinets, it really does not matter as long as you buy the right ones to fit in with your specific needs. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you have to buy are racks that your servers are going to fit into.

Deciding What Size Server Racks You Need

As you look at the different server racks in our online catalog, there are two factors that will affect the ones that you end up buying. These are the brand of equipment you are planning to use and how much equipment you are planning to put in each rack. Try to plan ahead and buy racks that leave you room for expansion or you may find that you end up back at square one before you are really ready to buy yet more server racks.

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