Server Racks and Cabinets Vary Depending on the Manufacturer

There are differences between server racks and cabinets, which vary depending on the manufacturer. A basic server rack will not be enclosed and can consist of either two or four posts. Server cabinets might offer at least one full length door on the front of the server rack and often have enclosed sides. Some styles of cabinets may also have a door on the rear of the unit.

The Location Will Influence the Types of Server Racks and Cabinets You Require

Deciding what types of server racks and cabinets to use depends on the locations where you will be placing them. For example, if you have a secure data center with restricted access, you may only require server racks. However, if you share space in the room with other people, you will want to use server cabinets with locking doors. Using cabinets with locking doors in this situation will prevent unauthorized access.

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