Server Rack Shelves Come in Many Configurations

One of the first things you are going to notice as you start shopping for server rack shelves is that they are available in a variety of configurations. There are fixed shelves as well as those that can be adjusted up to 40 inches deep so that you can adjust them to fit your servers and your rack rails. You can also choose how heavy duty you want your shelves to be to suit the weight of the servers you are planning to use them for.

Slide Out Rack Shelves Make Life Easier

As you are looking at the various rack shelves, you should seriously consider buying the kind that slide out. This type of shelve will make it much easier for you to service your servers. Most shelves are designed to be mounted practically anywhere within the rack so that you can adjust them to meet your specific configuration needs and can be used to support your servers, your switches, KVMs and any other piece of equipment that needs a place to hang out.

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