Server Cabinets Can Be Used When Your Client Does Not Have an IT Closet

There are going to be times when you are hired to install a complete network for a client who does not have a room that they can dedicate to being an IT closet, yet at the same time they ask you to design the system so that it is not out in the open. This is the perfect time to use an enclosed server cabinet instead of an open rack.

A Fully Enclosed Server Cabinet Keeps Everything Neatly Out of Sight

When you use a server cabinet instead of a rack, you will find that all of their servers and support equipment will be securely mounted behind closed door. These cabinets not only have doors on the front, they also have full sides. The only open area is the back so that the servers can get sufficient cooling air. This will provide your customer with the out of sight server installation he is looking for and let you build the network he needs.

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