Protect Your Servers with a Monitored Network Rack

Not only do you have thousands of dollars tied up in your servers, but you have hundreds of gigabytes of data stored on them that you cannot afford to lose just because they overheat. You have looked at every imaginable network rack configuration and wondered how you are supposed to know if there is a problem when you can’t be in the server room 24 hours a day.

Our Alert – A – Rack Network Rack System Solves This Problem

No matter what network rack you buy, you can still end up with a situation where either the temperature or the humidity end up exceeding acceptable limits. Our Alert- A – Rack server system can help you with this problem. Using a Zero U Environmental Sensor control, you can set the parameters for both temperature and humidity levels in the rack. If either exceeds the established limitations, you will be notified automatically via email so that you can do something about it before any damage can occur.

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