1. Have You Been Using the Right Powerstrip for the Job?

No matter whether you are assembling a new server rack in your IT room or doing nothing more that adding another computer to one of the offices in your building, you are likely to end up using some form of power strip. The most important question is; are you using the right powerstrip for the job. At issue here is the fact that most people tend to grab the first strip they can get their hands on to plug everything into it.

You May Not Need a Surge Protected Powerstrip

Most of us have had the fact that we should always use a surge protected powerstrip drilled into our heads. However, these power strips are usually reserved for sensitive electronics such as your servers and peripheral equipment. If all you are plugging in is fans and other similar items, you will find using a non-protected power strips can cut down on your costs as these items less likely to be affected by a power surge.


Choose Your Rack Mount Monitor First

As you start putting together the order for the parts and supplies you need to assemble a new server rack, one of the first things you need to choose is going to be your rack mount monitor as this will have a significant effect on the rack mount keyboard / monitor drawer you are going to end up buying.  The alternative is to look at buying a monitor that can be mounted directly onto the rack itself,

Buying a Rack Mount Monitor That Mounts Directly On the Rack

If you prefer to use a rack mount monitor that is designed to bolt directly onto your server rack, you will find that we carry an 8U and a 9U TFT LCD monitor to fit your needs Our 8U model is a 19″ display offering 1280 x 1024 resolution, while our 9U model measures 20″ and offers 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution. Each of these monitors includes a 12V 5A remote power adapter and all mounting hardware needed to install them.

Can Your Server Rack Handle the Load?

The day you installed your server rack, there was only a single server to install in it. However, now that your business has grown, you are going to have to install more servers to handle all of your traffic. At this point you cannot just start bolting your new servers in place. Before you do, you need to take a very close look at the load carrying capacity of the rack you are currently using.

Your Server Rack Has to Be Able to Handle the Load

You are likely to find that if you try to add more weight to your server rack than it was designed to handle, that you are going to come in one morning and find one or more of your expensive servers in pieces on the floor.  The easiest way for you to avoid this potentially disastrous situation is to think seriously about upgrading your server rack at the same time as you add the new servers and check to make sure the one you buy can handle the load.

Be Sure Your New Rack Enclosure Can Handle the Weight

If you have been looking at purchasing a new rack enclosure for the servers and support equipment you are assembling for your business, there are a number of decisions and specifications that you need to consider before you make your purchase. One specification that seems to be forgotten more far too frequently is the weigh capacity of the rack that is being bought.

You Should Consider Buying a Server Rack with a Higher Weight Capacity

When you are not sure exactly how much weight you will be placing the new rack enclosure you are buying, it is a good idea to buy one that is rated for more weight than you think you are likely to ever have to deal with. This eliminates the risk of overloading a rack that is not rated for the weight of the equipment you have and watching your servers crash onto the floor and self-destruct.

Are You Sure Your New Rack Enclosure Will Meet Your Cooling Needs

Of all the details you need to be paying attention to when you are buying a new rack enclosure, the one that you need to pay the most attention to is how well it is set up for ventilation. Nothing can kill a server faster than allowing it to overheat and for one reason or another; this very important detail never seems to be on the minds of many enclosure manufacturers.

Avoid Rack Enclosures with Minimal Ventilation

You will find that there are a number of rack enclosure manufacturers who build their rack enclosure to meet the minimum ventilation requirements as set out by the various server manufacturers. While these enclosures might meet minimum standards, do you really want to risk thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment on minimum ventilation? All of our server enclosures have been designed to provide ample airflow to keep your servers nice and cool.

A Rack Mount LCD Monitor Can Help When Space Is At a Premium

It seems like no matter how big your server room is, space is always at a premium, a fact that most IT techs can happily attest to. The basic plan always seems to be to cram as many server racks as the designers can get into the smallest space possible. If this sounds like your server room, you should think about using rack mount LCD monitors to help you save space.

We Carry Rack Mount Monitors Two Different Sizes

As space is a major concern in your server room, we carry two different sizes of rack mount monitors to help ease the clutter. Our 8U monitor is a 19 inch LCD monitor and provides 1280 x 1084 resolution. If you need something a little bigger, you can choose our 9U model that is a 20 inch LCD monitor providing you with 1600 x 1200 resolution.  Both offer the same side to side viewing as a CRT monitor and come with all necessary mounting hardware included in the package.


A Monitored Network Rack Can Protect Your Servers

As you look at the servers in your racks, you should realize that you have thousands of dollars tied up in them. At the same time they have hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of information stored in them that you cannot afford to lose simply because your servers overheated and crashed.  No matter what type of network rack configuration you are using, you have no way of knowing there is a problem unless you have someone monitoring them 24/7.

The Alert – A – Rack Network Rack System Is Designed to Overcome This Problem

With most types of network rack you buy, you are likely to end up with a situation where either the temperature or the humidity exceeds acceptable limits. The Alert- A – Rack server system we sell is designed to help you with this problem. Using the Zero U Environmental Sensor control, you set the parameters for both temperature and humidity levels in the rack. When either exceeds the established limitations, you will be notified automatically via email. This will give you the time to do something about the problem before any damage can occur.


A Good Sever Cabinet Should Be Able to Keep Your Servers Safe

Even if you have no reason to believe that anyone in your company should ever have a reason to touch your servers or attempt to access them against company policy, you should have a way to lock them up a safely, such as a server cabinet with locking doors. As opposed to server racks, most server cabinets have doors on the front and full side panels.

Even So Your New Server Rack Needs to Be Able to Breathe

Since you are planning to install your servers in a server cabinet instead of rack, you must be mindful of the fact that your servers must be able to breathe. Having plenty of cooling air is vital for the life of your servers as they generate an amazing amount of heat, especially if they are under a heavy load. Check the specifications very carefully before you order your new cabinet to avoid the risk of burning down one of your servers.

A Computer Cabinet Is Not a Computer Rack

The average person tends to get the terms computer cabinet and computer rack confused. The problem is that they seem to think that they are talking about two completely different items. In certain instances, you could be talking about two different products.  However if you are working in the IT field and assembling a new server system, the two terms are for the most part interchangeable, with one major exception.

Computer Cabinets Tend to Be at Least Partially Enclosed

The one difference that you are going to notice between a computer cabinet and a computer rack is that the term cabinet often denotes a rack has both side panels as well as doors on the front that may or may not be lockable. Based on the servers you are using and your need for security, these might make a better choice, however you need to choose a cabinet that is going to provide plenty of cooling air to your servers.


Choose Your Server Racks from Our Wide Selection

You’ll find just the right server racks or server cabinets that fit your application when you shop with us. We have Rackmount racks and cabinets for deep-hot running servers with square-hole rack rails, and more.

We can help you find the best server racks for your application

We carry many different server racks, including Low Profile 3U-25 Server Cabinet 22.5”D to 32”D, 4-Post Rack Frame Adjustable, from 26”D to 42”D, and others. Kendall Howard Racks, Alert-A-Rack Server Cabinet 31.5”D and 39.5”D, WC Rack Server Cabinet 36.5”D, and Premium Rack Cabinet 36”D and 42”D with square-hole rack rails, as well as Rackmount Accessories. Our Kendall Howard Racks and Computer Cabinets, such as the Extra Wide Cable Management Rack, is a high density solution for cooling your equipment. It is a necessity for data centers, or network wiring closets with many different cables.

Other Kendall Howard server racks

Another style is a Glass Front Vented Rear Doors that is our entry level cabinet. The top of the cabinet has areas where you can install up to four fans, and removable cable slots make for easy installation, for network communication lines for your application.