Wall Mount Server Racks Can Make Installation Easier

Any time that you are assembling an IT room in a facility where space is an issue or you are not installing enough servers to justify using a full freestanding server rack, you might find that using one of the numerous styles of wall mount rack will make the installation much easier. These racks have not only become quite popular, but can be an ideal solution when you have to deal with this type of situation and can save you money at the same time.

Wall Mount Server Racks Are Available In Several Styles

As you browse the pages of our online catalog, you will see that wall mount servers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and models. Once you have researched the location where you are going to be doing the installation, you will be able to choose the right rack that is will fit your server or servers and is going to provide sufficient cooling and security..

Tips for Buying Computer Racks

If you are in the market for new computer racks, you already know that they are used to house your servers as well as a range of other pieces of equipment including network equipment, switching units and more. However, you may not know that they come in floor standing, desktop and wall mount designs to help you find the right style to meet your needs and the space you have to work with.

Choose Your Computer Racks Carefully

While you are looking at the various computer racks in our online catalog, you need to consider carefully how much and what type of equipment you are planning to install in each rack you buy. This will ensure you do not end up buying racks that are too small for your needs or spending too much on racks that are bigger than you need and leave you with a lot of wasted space.

The “U” Is the Unit of Measurement Used to Measure a Server Cabinet

If this is the first time you have needed to buy a sever cabinet or rack, you will find that the manufactures all discuss sizes in a specific unit of measurement. This is a unique unit known as the “U” and one “U” is equal to 1.75 inches. This measurement is used to describe the height of anything that is going to be placed in the cabinet racks and is a fairly easy number to calculate.

How to Calculate the Number of “U”s Your Servers Measure

The best way to calculate how tall your servers in order to ensure that you are buying the right server cabinet, is to physically measure their height in inches. You then divide this measurement by 1.75 and the resulting answer is the height in “U”s of your server or any other item you are installing. You will need this number when shopping for a new cabinet as most are listed with their “U” value included in all of the other measurements.

The 4 Post Rack Design Provides You with Plenty of Flexibility

When you are designing a new server room and need the flexibility to be able to add and remove equipment that is a mix of standard and non-standard sizes, you will find that using a 4 post rack is going to be your best option. Compared to a more tradition server rack that has set sizes and mounting holes for each server, these racks are pre-drilled to accept any size of equipment you plan to use.

The Design of the 4 Post Rack Makes Installation Simple

As the post have a large number of evenly space holes, using a 4 post rack lets you decide where you are going to mount your servers and any other equipment. Installation can be taken care of in minutes using the enclosed hardware. On top of this you can leave as much or as little space between your servers for cooling air as you feel is necessary. These racks are also available with wheels on them so you can create portable servers should the need arise.

Save Room with a Rack Mount Keyboard LCD Monitor Combination

In the many server rooms there is no room at all to install a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor for each rack. In order to eliminate this problem most technicians prefer to install a single rack mount keyboard LCD monitor combination unit in each rack. A large percentage of them are available complete with their own built in KVM switch that allows you to connect to all of the servers in the rack.

We Carry a Large Selection of Rack Mount Keyboard LCD Monitor Combinations

As you browse the pages of our online catalog, you will find that we have a large selection of top quality rack mount keyboard LCD monitor combinations available for a variety of operating systems including Sun Solaris. While we offer one of the largest selections available, we also offer them at prices that are designed to fit into most budgets.

Providing Power to Your Servers Using the Right Power Strip

One major problem that is often faced by technicians installing a rack mounted server system is being able to get power to all of the units in the rack without using multiple extension cords. This is important as the use of extension cords in this type of environment can create an incredible number of problems. Fortunately, there is an easy cure as all you need is the right power strip for the job.

We Stock a Number of Different Styles of Power Strip

It does not matter what size your racks are, we carry a power strip that will fit your needs. All of our rack mount power strips are UL listed and certified under standards 1363, 1449, 1950 and 60950. They all offer front outlets that are recessed a full 4 ½ inches to allow for plug clearance. You can select from eight different plug styles to match your needs in our catalog or call us if you do not see what you need.

No Matter What Name They Go By Server Racks Are Server Racks

No matter what name they go under or you choose to call them server racks are nothing more than enclosures that are designed to hold your servers in a secure location. Whether you choose to call them server racks, network equipment enclosure, network racks or server cabinets, they are all the same and as long as you buy the right one to fit in with your specific needs all is well.

Choosing the Right Size Server Racks for You Needs

When you are looking at the various server racks in our online catalog, you will find that there are two factors that are going to affect your final choice. These are the brand of equipment you are planning to use and how much equipment you are planning to install in each rack. You need to make sure you plan ahead and buy racks that leave you room for expansion or you may find that you end up having to replace them as you grow.

How Organized Is the Server Rack Cabinet You Are Buying

There are a number of specs you need to look at when the time comes to buy a new server rack cabinet for your business. One particular spec that is often overlooked by many people is the overall organization of the cabinet. A poorly designed cabinet can lead to major problems when you go to install all of your servers and the support equipment that goes with them.

A Good Server Rack Cabinet Makes Installing the Wiring Easy

Start out by finding a server rack cabinet that will fit your servers and provide them with plenty of cooling air. After this, you need to pay particular attention to how much space there is for all of the wiring that goes with them. You must have plenty of space to run all of the wiring for the servers, routers, switches and power strips or you are going to end up with a major headache.

Choosing Rackmount Cases to Protect Your Equipment

While most IT equipment is housed in permanent server rooms filled with all of the necessary equipment, this does not meant that this is always the case. There are many instances in which your servers go wherever you go.  When this is the case, you need rackmount cases that will let you take your servers with you on the road and will help to protect them for shock and damage along the way.

Our SKB Series Rackmount Are Designed to Military Standards

If you need rackmount cases that are virtually indestructible and are going to provide you with maximum protection for your servers, you should take a good look at our Roto Shock Rack cases from SKB.  These cases have been designed to meet the standards established by the US military for durability, protection and rapid deployment capabilities. As they meet these standards, think about what they will do for your servers.

A Server Rack Cabinet Is Ideal for Exposed Applications

Not every business has an IT room where its servers can be installed out of sight and kept locked up securely out of harm’s way. Many businesses end up having to place their servers anywhere they can find room for them and very often this means placing them out in the open. When you run across a client such as this, the right server rack cabinet can make for the perfect installation.

The Average Server Rack Cabinet Has Two Sides and a Door

Depending on the type of server rack cabinet you buy, you will find that they come with at least to solid sides and one or two doors on the front. Most do not have backs to allow for you to access the wiring and to allow for maximum cooling. You will find that these cabinets provide a secure location that is aesthetically pleasing for those businesses that must place their cabinets where they are easily seen.