A PDU Makes Supplying Power to Your Servers Easy

One of the simpler challenges to deal with when you are assembling an IT room that has a number of servers, cooling units and back up servers in place is supplying power to everything in a carefully managed manner. This is where using a PDU or Power Distribution Unit can be the ideal solution as it can be used to supply power to everything from a single source.

The PDU Is Available In a Variety of Configurations

Perhaps the best reason to choose a PDU over a standard power strip is that they come in an incredible variety of configurations. There are PDUs that let you to turn off everything by using a single switch and those that have individual switches for each outlet. There are also PDUs that are remotely controlled so that you can power up or down individual servers from a remote location as necessary. Some have color coded outlets marking them off in sections and all can be purchased with our without surge protection built in.

Take Control with a Rack Mount Keyboard

Running a server room is never an easy task as space is limited and trying to get anything done practically requires you to be a contortionist. However if you really want to take control of each server rack and not end up with a rolling keyboard getting in the way, you will find that a rack mount keyboard can take the acrobatics out of your server room.

A Rack Mount Keyboard Slides Out of the Way

One of the reasons installing a rack mount keyboard in each of your server racks makes good sense is that you can slide the keyboard out when you need to use it and then slide it safely out of the way when you don’t. Most of our rack mount shelves can also accommodate an LCD video monitor and a mouse so that using a KVM switch; you can have full control of all servers in the rack.

A Good Computer Cabinet Should Have More than Enough Airflow

If you are putting together a new server system for your business, you are going to need at least one computer cabinet to house your new servers. You need to remember that servers have evolved over the years and most of today’s servers have been designed to take up only 1U-4U of space in the racks. This was done to allow you to install more servers in a single rack, but a new problem came with this.

An Improperly Designed Computer Cabinet Might Allow Your Servers to Overheat

The new blade style servers are somewhat deeper than the older units and as such tend to run significantly hotter. When you choose a computer cabinet that does not provide for plenty of space and airflow by being deeper than those designed for older servers, you could end up dealing with major overheating and damage to your servers. You need to make sure the cabinets you choose are made to accommodate the servers you will be using.

Is Your Server Rack Going to Be Big Enough

As the time comes to add another server to your system, you are going to need to take a very good look at the server rack you are currently using is going to be big enough to handle not only the new server, but any peripheral equipment. Unless you planned ahead and bought a rack that was bigger than your initial needs, you may find that not only is it too small, but it is not designed to handle the extra weight.

Your New Server Rack Must Be Able to Handle the Load

When you start shopping for a new server rack, not only do you need to find one that is going to be big enough to hold all of your servers and peripherals, but one that can support the extra weight. If you buy a rack that is not designed to carry the load, there is a distinct possibility that you could arrive onsite to find your rack and everything that was installed in it laying on the floor in pieces.

Using a PDU in Combination with a UPS Can Give You an Uninterrupted Source of Power

If you are running a server room in your place of business, you are probably using some form of PDU to connect all of your servers and peripheral equipment to a centralized source of power. This is a fairly typical set up as it allows you to take full control of your entire power distribution setup; the only thing you have left to worry about is the event of a power loss.

Adding a UPS to Your PDU Can Keep Your System Running Just Long Enough

While the average UPS can only keep a system up and running for a very short period of time, you should still connect one to your PDU. By doing this, you will be able to keep your servers up just long enough for everyone using them to be able to save their work instead of losing it in the event of a complete power outage.

Are You Using a Power Strip with Surge Protection?

There really is no way around the fact that you are going to end up using at least one power strip in your server room, if not more. While this may be the case, it does not mean that you should run out to your nearest department store and grab the first $5 power strip you can find. If you do this, you are likely to end up with a number of different problems that you cannot afford to have.

It Is Worth Investing In a Quality Power Strip

One of the biggest reasons for not buying a $5 power strip is that it is not likely to have built in surge protection. While you are probably plugging your servers into a PDU, any of the peripheral equipment you use should be protected in order to ensure that it does not become damaged or destroyed in the event that your facility is hit by a power surge.

Using a KVM Switch Can Save You Space

If you are like most IT techs and are dealing with a very limited amount of space in your server room, the last thing you need is to have to deal with multiple monitors, keyboards and mice for each rack. Not only does this end up getting confusing, but unless you are blessed with more room than you know what to do with, you should be using a KVM switch.

What Is a KVM Switch?

The KVM switch is a simple switching unit that was designed with this specific application in mind.  This switching unit allows you to connect multiple servers into one side of it and then a single keyboard, mouse and monitor on the other side. This way you can use this single set up to monitor and service each of the servers connected to it and save yourself time, effort and space.

You Should Never Buy a Cheap Powerstrip

If you have been thinking of going to your nearest discount store to buy a powerstrip to supply power to a single computer or series of computers instead of buying one that is purpose built for the job as a way to save money you need to think about what you are about to do. Think about the cost of replacing all of the equipment that you are going to plug into that $5 powerstrip, you know the one you thought you were saving money buying.

A Cheap Powerstrip Will Not Protect Your System

If you decide to buy a cheap power strip rather than one that is designed to be used to protect sensitive electronic equipment, you will not be getting any protection from power surges. The average computer can be destroyed by a relatively small surge. If you are convinced that you are saving money by purchasing that $5 power strip, remember how much it cost you to buy everything that you are going to be plugging into it.

We Stock KVM Switches for Most Applications

When your company runs a large server room that has a number of racks and servers requires a lot of support to keep them all up and running. While most people tend to think the technicians use a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor for each server, it does not work this way. Instead you will find that they use a KVM switch as this allows them to use a single set up of monitor, mouse and keyboard to access and control a set number of servers.

Using a KVM Switch is Far Less Expensive

As you look at the cost of individual monitors, keyboards and mice, it is easy to see where having to buy a complete setup for each server could be very expensive. It would also take up an incredible amount of space. By installing a KVM switch you can reduce the expense, the clutter and of course the utility bills and make life much easier for the technicians.

We Stock Computer Tables in a Number of Styles

As the time comes for you to put  together your new server facility, there are a number of pieces of equipment you are will need to purchase such as racks and power distribution units. At the same time, you need keep in mind that you have to create workstations for your technicians. Generally speaking this means finding the right computer tables for the work area and as you can see in our online catalog there are a number of choices.

We Carry Stand Up and Seated Computer Tables

Computer tables come in one of two different styles, those that are designed to be used sitting down and those you can use standing up. We have taken this concept one step further and offer a selection of tables that can be quickly and easily adjusted to either position based on the situation they are being used in and the person who will be using them.