Use a 19 Inch Server Rack for Your Shallow Network Hardware

The size of computer servers has gotten smaller as manufacturing processes changed. Computer components were able to be made smaller and require less space. These small components still provided the same amount of computing power, if not more, than their larger counterparts. Computer servers, today, are much smaller and require less room. Instead of using large server racks to store your modern network servers, you can use a 19 inch server rack for shallow hardware.

A 19 Inch Server Rack Is Designed to Hold 19 Inch Wide Hardware

A 19 inch server rack may be a misleading term, when you are looking for a compact server rack. These models of server racks are designed for 19 inch wide rack mount hardware with varying depths all the way up to 30 inches. Besides holding computer servers, you can also use these compact server racks for holding your audio and video equipment.

Server Racks and Cabinets Vary Depending on the Manufacturer

There are differences between server racks and cabinets, which vary depending on the manufacturer. A basic server rack will not be enclosed and can consist of either two or four posts. Server cabinets might offer at least one full length door on the front of the server rack and often have enclosed sides. Some styles of cabinets may also have a door on the rear of the unit.

The Location Will Influence the Types of Server Racks and Cabinets You Require

Deciding what types of server racks and cabinets to use depends on the locations where you will be placing them. For example, if you have a secure data center with restricted access, you may only require server racks. However, if you share space in the room with other people, you will want to use server cabinets with locking doors. Using cabinets with locking doors in this situation will prevent unauthorized access.

Organize Your Server Cords Using a Rackmount PDU

A big problem with server rooms is all the power cords, which can easily clutter the floor. The power cords can get tangled, which makes it difficult to figure out which cord goes to which server. One solution to help organize this mess is to use a rackmount PDU. A PDU is a power distribution unit which is attached in a server rack. This unit has several outlets on the back, which allows you to plug your server chords directly into the PDU. You can also label the outlets, so you know which cord goes to which server.

A Rackmount PDU Can Include Remote Monitoring Functions

When selecting a rackmount PDU, you will want to determine if you need remote functions. Some models of PDUs include this option, which allows you to access the PDU over a network connection without having to make a trip to your server room. You can also find models which allow for aggregate current monitoring and allow you to set alarm thresholds.

Lack Space for a Monitor? Consider a Monitor Rack Mount Instead

There are different ways in which you can connect a monitor to your servers. One option you can look at using is a monitor rack mount when you are tight on space. This type of solution allows you to install a rackmount keyboard complete with LCD display to each of your racks. Whenever you need to access any of your servers in the rack, you just open the display and select the server.

A Monitor Rack Mount Can Be Installed Flat On the Front of the Rack

Another type of configuration you can use with a monitor rack mount is one where the monitor is secured flat against the rack. This option allows you to always see the monitor and the selected server. You can also install a pull out drawer or slide out shelf, and use this space for storing your keyboard and mouse.


Comparing 24U Server Rack Models Includes Other Items besides Dimensions

Picking out the right 24U server rack requires you to know the dimensions of the equipment you plan on putting the server rack. While the heights of the 24U models are similar, this is not the only thing you need to consider. You also need to decide how many shelves you need to install into the rack, the cooling ability of the rack, and the available accessories for the server rack.

There Are Different Placement Options Available for a 24U Server Rack

A 24U server rack offers you different placement options. You can choose one style which sits flat on the floor in your server room. If you want a portable server rack, you should look at models which include caster wheels on the bottom of the base. When you do not want the server rack sitting on the floor, another option available is a wall mounted server rack.

An Efficient Server Room Set up Will Use a Network KVM Switch

Setting up your server room where each server has its own keyboard, monitor and mouse is not practical. You will also have to have cables running to each server for every keyboard, monitor and mouse. Further, you will have power cords for every single monitor. You will end up wasting a lot of space in your server room, which could be used more efficiently. A more efficient set up for your server room is to use a network KVM switch instead.

A Network KVM Switch Can Connect Multiple Servers

Selecting the type of network KVM switch you require will depend on the number of servers you have in operation. You may need to use multiple KVM switches when you have a large number of servers. The styles of KVM switches are also different, with different types of connections available.

A Mobile Server Rack Makes Moving Servers and Equipment Easy

Organizations sometimes require the ability to move computer servers and other equipment around, like for in-house training classes. Rather than just carrying the equipment from one location to the next, or moving it around on a cart, you can look at using a mobile server rack. This type of rack has wheels on the bottom of the base. When you need to move the server rack, you just push it along the floor and move it from one place to another.

You Can Find a Mobile Server Rack for Shipping Equipment Offsite

A mobile server rack is available in different styles, depending on what type of portable solution you require. You can use portable rack mount cases when you need to transport equipment offsite, like for a trade show. These types of cases often include shock resistant features to help keep your equipment safe and secure. Portable rack mount cases do not have to be unpacked. You just open the access doors on the case to set up your equipment.

19 Inch Rack Rails Are Used for Compact Equipment

There are different types of racks available for all types of equipment. A rack requires at least two rails for mounting equipment to the rack. Racks with two rails are commonly used for mounting network patch panels because they do not require a large depth. For other types of equipment, you will want to look at racks with four rails. When you have compact equipment with a width of 19 inches or less, you can look at using 19 inch rack rails.

Your Available Space Will Determine the Height of 19 Inch Rack Rails

Selecting the height of 19 inch rack rails to use will depend on your available space. If you are able to use the full height in a room, from the floor to the ceiling, you can look at taller racks. However, if you are limited in space, or only have a few pieces of equipment to install in the rack, then you will want to consider using half height racks.

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KVM Switches for Every Server Room Need

Running a large server room with numerous racks and a large number of servers requires a lot of technical support to keep everything up and running. However, while most people tend to think the technicians have a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor for each server, this is not the case. What you will find is that they use a KVM switch that allows them to use a single set of monitor, mouse and keyboard to access and control a set number of servers.

The KVM Switch is Far More Cost Effective

When you look at the big picture you can easily see where having to buy a complete setup for each server would not be very cost effective, not to mention the incredible amount of space it would take for all of this equipment. By using a KVM switch you can reduce the expense, the clutter and of course the utility bills and make life much easier for the technicians.