Server Rack Cabinets For Protection And Performance

A network has many components that are essential in their own unique way. But, if there is one component that sits above all in terms of significance, it is a server. A well maintained server prevents a lot of costly problems. Heat is a constant threat to servers so the proper enclosure and airflow are very important considerations when setting them up.

In small companies, servers are often put on or under a desk with little thought of security. A good solution is to choose a server cabinet that is made for your server application. These type enclosures offer security and make your workplace organized while also reducing safety risks and improve the life of your network. A server rack cabinet caters to this requirement and keeps your server supplied with maximum airflow.

There are a lot of choices of cabinets and it can be confusing if you have not purchased them before. It is best to work with a company that understands the different applications and environments that a server may be utilized. Information Support Concepts Inc, offers you great server rack options and has helpful Account Managers that can assist you in finding the best cabinet for your application and budget.

Buy Sturdy Computer Rack Shelves Online

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, businesses with complete reliance of technological devices facilitating smooth operations are evolving. How much a business enterprise relies on technology entirely depends on the area of operations and structure as well; small businesses have limited operations whereas large entities require endless technological support.

Companies dealing with web-hosting services, data operations and compilation and other computer related tasks stand in need of multiple servers to support uninterrupted work operations. Also, when business operations relate to telecom, corporate training and networking, the infrastructure comprises of multiple computer systems to continuously deliver productivity with efficient results. In few companies, multiple computers, aligned with each other with codes and cables, for e.g. server or MCR rooms are required to be powered non-stop and also need proper placement where work is not hampered.

Computer rack shelves, made of high quality, sturdy material along with adjustable rack rails are the best solution in such scenario. These shelves or racks help you competently organize your important computer hardware and accessories in the easiest way, utilizing space and ensuring safe operations as well. You can choose to buy computer rack shelves online keeping in mind the requirements. Check the dimension and size and ensure proper air passage. You should add a sturdy, fixed computer shelf in almost every cabinet or rack. Fixed rack computer shelves are perfect to help support servers and UPS backup systems.

Information Support Concepts is a leading brand name offering efficient product solutions in the computer world ranging from Rackmount products like server racks and computer rack cabinet solutions. The online catalog has detailed product descriptions that allow you to make an informed choice. Choose quality product solutions for your business by visiting the webstore now.

Tablik Adjustable Arm Tablet


Have you ever tried using your tablet at your desk along with your desktop? If so, you probably found it very difficult to position and awkward to use.

After investigating several options, I still wasn’t satisfied until I found the Tablik™ which I think is a pretty cool device. It mounts any tablet on an adjustable arm that easily attaches to your desk. The adjustable arm allows you to position the tablet so it is easy to use.

I found there is also an optional bracket that allows you to fasten it on to the side of your monitor. The feature that I found that ran circles around the others was the ability to quickly remove the tablet from the arm if I need to take it to a meeting.

It does cost more than many on the market but it was well worth the price in functionality. You can get more details at by clicking here on Tablik™.



Special Pricing On Black Box Tool- Less Rack Shelf

Black Box tool-less rack shelf for 4-post rack rails

Black Box tool-less rack shelf

If you have ever installed 4-post rack shelves, you have probably dropped a screw or two or pinched your fingers more than you want to admit.  Black Box has come to the rescue with their tool-less shelves.

The flanges on the telescoping mounting ears fit simply into the cage nut rack rails with no problem. To help you with lost screws and bruised fingers, we are offering these rack shelves at a special price. Pricing will be for a very limited time, so if you are interested, I would check them out now. On the other hand, these are so easy to use, they are worth it at most any price!

You can get more details by clicking on the following link:



Low Cost USB Lock – Peace Of Mind!

usb lock with key         usb lock without key

If you have tried different USB locks and found them difficult to use and very expensive, you might want to take a look at these. Just push the filler lock in the USB port and when you want to take it out, a unique key that is not easily replicated allows for easy removal. Low cost, easy to use and peace of mind can put a smile on your face. Try it and let us know how you liked it. You can more details at

Why I Like These Locking C13 & C19 Power Cords

Auto-Lock C13 Cord Prevents Accidental Removal Or loose Cords. Also Available in C19

Auto-Lock C13 Cord Prevents Accidental Removal

Attempting to lock power cords in securely to prevent them from being accidentally pulled out of servers has been a source of great personal ingenuity. Wire brackets, nylon ties, Velcro and even epoxy! There have been more but I am a bit embarrassed to mention them.

I was excited when I found these locking cords because they do not require any “extra” anything to lock. The animation above shows you how they work and they can hold 30 lbs of pulled weight.  You can see all the different sizes, gauges, types, specs and pricing at

Servers – The Basics

There are two basic types of computers on a network: the server and the client. Servers are the computers that store resources and enable sharing. The computer being served with these resources is called the client. Servers are often dedicated, meaning they only perform certain tasks. Some types of servers include:

Web Servers – Web servers are computers dedicated to delivering web pages. When you CAPTAIN LOGOenter a URL into your browser, your computer sends a request to the web server whose domain name matches, and the server sends the correct page back to you.

Proxy Servers – Proxy servers sit between clients and real servers. Caching Proxy Servers intercept requests on the way to real servers to see if they can fulfill the requests themselves. Proxy servers can save time because they save the results of all requests for a certain amount of time. So if a user requests one page today, and the same page tomorrow, the proxy server can now return the request instead of the real server.

Cloud Servers – Cloud server hosting is available to customers on demand via the internet. This hosting service is made possible by connecting multiple servers that comprise the cloud.

Whatever servers you’re using, Server Rack Options can help you get organized today.

Three Reasons Why You Need A Server Rack

42U 36.5 inch  Usable Depth Black WC Series 19 inch  Rackmount Server Rack Cabinet Package, New Style. OD: 23.62 inch W X 39.37 inch D X 80.91 inch H

1.)  Clean up- If you are a small business that has servers spread out on tables or stacked on floor, a server rack will clean up the clutter and make use of vertical space.

2.)  Safety- Cables and cords can be organized for easy access and prevent tripping hazards.

3.)  Faster work flow- When a server and it’s functioning cables are set up properly and organized, the tools can work to their maximum potential. If set up incorrectly your system could crash more often.

The best reason why you should get yourself a server rack is because professionals like are standing by to answer your questions and handle your orders.

3 Reasons to Organize Your Server Room Cables

Cat 5e patch cables snagless (booted) available in 3', 5', 7', 10', 14', 25', 1000' stranded Cat 5e patch cable PVC and 1000' Cat 5e Plenum patch cables. Colors include blue, gray, black and yellow

  1. Efficiency: Without organization, a server room can become a tangled mess of wires, impossible to navigate for repair. Keep your server room cables organized for efficient future maintenance.
  2. Safety: Disorganized server room cables can be completely hazardous in the workplace. Using organizational tools to maintain order in your server room protects against tripping or tangling accidents.
  3. Save Money: Organized cables actually have a longer lifespan than those left tangled in a mess. Add order to your server room to save money on replacing dead cables in the future.

Are you looking for ways to organize your server room cables? Information Support Concepts offers a variety of different cable management solutions to keep your server room organized, effective, and safe.


3 Tips for Investing in the Right Server Room Air Conditioner


  1. Automatic Restart: Employees or personnel do not necessarily frequent a company’s server room regularly. Thus, installing an air conditioning unit that can automatically restart when conditions imbalance is great help in ensuring the rooms steady temperature levels.
  2. Ventilation: Servers create a great deal of heat. A proper server room air conditioning system has a means by which to ventilate that hot air outside.
  3. Condensation Tank: Server rooms must stay relatively dry to avoid machinery damages. Air conditioners typically dehumidify a room, but a good server room air conditioner then stores this excess water from the air in an easily drainable tank for added safety.

Are you looking to add an air conditioner to your server room? Information Support Concepts offers quality server room air conditioners, at fair prices, to keep your servers cool and functioning properly.