Measuring Your Server Cabinet Is Done Using a Unique Unit of Measurement

If you are buying your first sever cabinet or rack, you are going to find that the manufactures all discuss sizes in a particular unit of measurement. This is a unique unit known as the “U” and one “U” is equal to 1.75″. This measurement pertains specifically to the height of anything that will be placed in the cabinet racks and is a fairly easy number to calculate.

Calculating How Many “U”s Your Servers Measure

The easiest way to calculate how tall your servers are so that you make sure you are buying the right server cabinet is to physically measure their height in millimeters. You then divide this measurement by 1.75″ and the resulting answer is the height in “U”s of your servers. You can use this number when shopping for a new cabinet as they are listed with their “U” value included in all of the other measurements to help ensure that you pick the right one.

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