Is Your Server Rack Going to Be Big Enough

As the time comes to add another server to your system, you are going to need to take a very good look at the server rack you are currently using is going to be big enough to handle not only the new server, but any peripheral equipment. Unless you planned ahead and bought a rack that was bigger than your initial needs, you may find that not only is it too small, but it is not designed to handle the extra weight.

Your New Server Rack Must Be Able to Handle the Load

When you start shopping for a new server rack, not only do you need to find one that is going to be big enough to hold all of your servers and peripherals, but one that can support the extra weight. If you buy a rack that is not designed to carry the load, there is a distinct possibility that you could arrive onsite to find your rack and everything that was installed in it laying on the floor in pieces.

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