Decide What Rack Mount Monitor You Are Going to Use

When you are ordering parts for your new server rack, including the keyboard monitor drawer, you need to decide which rack mount monitor you are going to use. You actually need to do this before you order the drawer as the size of the monitor you choose is going to have a direct impact on the size and style of rack mount keyboard monitor drawer you end up purchasing.

When All You Want is a Rack Mount Monitor

When you do not need an entire drawer, but prefer to use a rack mount monitor all by itself, you will find that we have an 8U and a 9U TFT LCD monitor to fit your needs The 8U model is a 19″ display offering 1280 x 1024 resolution, while the 9U model measures 20″ and offers 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution. Each comes with a 12V 5A remote power adapter and all mounting hardware for your convenience.

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